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Buy Now, No Shipping Fees, and Buy2Get1Free til May 8th!!

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Mothers Day 2013

As a special treat for the lovely ladies who happen to be moms, I would like to offer free shipping for Mother’s Day!  If you order between now and May 8th, you will only pay the cost of the book and I will sign and ship to any location.  I hope you will spread the love to a deserving mother.  This offer is only good when you order through my website (here) via PayPal, not through Amazon.

One more special…I know that some of you have more than one special woman who you would want to give my book to, so if you order 2 books, the 3rd will be given to you FREE!!

Thank you for your support!  Don’t forget to live and love shamelessly!

Naked Reflections: Shamelessly Sensual Poetry

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On Saturday January 26th, my first book, Naked Reflections: Shamelessly Sensual Poetry, was published on Amazon. I am more than excited, elated, and thrilled.  It’s a new feeling, an emotion that must be closely related to Joylicious!

I credit my Naked Reflections blog where I spent countless hours writing and posting, creating 30 Day Writing Challenges to conquer, finding the right word for the right picture, and just enjoying my personal writing time.  I had so much fun!

If only I would have known a few years ago that I would embark on the self-publishing journey, then I would have probably done all this much sooner.  But this just goes to show how paralyzing fear can be when one is trying to accomplish a goal, and how much it can interfere with your success.  When my mother was still alive and well, she was waiting for me to publish my writing.  She was courageous in her fight against cancer, and here I was being bullied by my own mental bondage.

All I can say now is, there is no reason to fear stepping out to try something new.  The only fear now is if I let my momentum slow down.  I have to keep writing, keep my motivation to push through frustration, and feed my desire to publish more because it makes no sense to keep written treasures locked up in my computer.

Thank you for being faithful followers of my writing and for being supportive both near and far!

I love you all and pray for every desire of your hearts to come abundantly.

Visit Amazon to order your copy today!!