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Haiku Heat #4: Relaxing Rendezvous

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Rose petaled pathway
Warm bubble covered bath tub
Two love drenched bodies

Haiku Heat #3: Summer Breakfast

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He poured my coffee
I cooked his eggs and sausage
We ate in bed too

Haiku Heat: #2 Quiescent Morning

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Sun rays paint my room
Breathing stimulates his pulse
We soften stiffness

Haiku Heat: #1 Dreams

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Sonia Sanchez’s book Morning Haiku inspired me to write a Haiku for 30 Days.  I noticed that her poems didn’t all follow the 5-7-5 syllable count or pattern that I had always been taught.  After doing a little research, I discovered something clarifying the mystical Haiku.  Haiku should compare, contrast, and associate.  “If you can’t experience something with all of your senses, it is not valid Haiku material.”  Funny, I always try to write from what my senses have experienced, so that means my Haiku Heat is ready to burn!  I will maintain one number commitment of 17 sounds and 3 lines.

Brown skin on cool sheets
aroused by midnight cravings
to orgasmic dawns