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Morena’s Reflections (a sample from a series in progress)

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Morena’s Reflections

My Franco is my love

I miss him before he leaves

Miss him when he enters my presence

Regretting that eventually he will depart again

Kissing him, loving him, smelling him

Creating a permanent heart recording

Reserved in my playlist

For the times when he is gone

A love like this can’t be repeated

Can’t be imitated.

Love was born when we first embraced

The first kiss, no holding back

He took me like he wanted me

Touched me

Listened to me

Cared about what mattered to me

He was all about me.

I knew he was falling

But did he know I fell before the second kiss?

His electricity fired my nerves

Giving me the courage to give in to the fall

To go down with my eyes closed

But seeing everything crystal clear

Everything real

And true

And new.

He held me close

And embraced all that was uniquely me

The little things I so easily dismiss

My nose

My eyelashes

The small curve of my lower back

And the alluring expanse of my hips.

My femininity fed his masculinity

His scent catered to my instincts

As we envisioned a night spent

Showing each other in timeless verbs

The explicit meaning

Of every unspoken word.

The Worst Thing?

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Father Boyle, Founder of HomeBoy Industries said,
“All of us are a whole lot more than the worst thing we ever did.”

The worst thing I did was steal some chapstick when I was ten
I vowed never ever to do that again
The worst thing I did was cheat on a test when I was eleven
I worried that cheaters didn’t get admission to Heaven
The worst thing I did was lie when I was fourteen
Liars are never happy making me feel like a fiend

If I am more than the worst thing I ever did
then I am more than a thief
I am more than a cheater
I am more than a liar
who feels like a fiend

If I am more than my past mistakes
there is no reason to lose sleep and worry as I wake

The Many Ways He Wants Me

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He wants to be my underwear
So he can feel me down there
He yearns to know how soft my skin is
How smooth my ass is
He craves to be betwixt 
His lips on mine, kiss for kiss

He wants to be my finger
Where my pleasuring scents linger
Seeking fluency in my body’s unspoken verse
Feeling my beats
Pleasing me first
He wishes to make my love button hot
Bringing verbal vibrations to my G-Spot

He wants to spend the night between my thighs
Where being wet is better at sunrise
And my hot creamy sweetness
Cures his coffee-Jones-kind-of-weakness
He just wants to be inside my heat
There’s only so much cookie he can eat

He wants to make my body his four-course meal
Begs me to savor every bite that I feel
He prepares dessert with my chocolate nipples
We both come twice before the triples
I am his delectable erotic dish
Deep and true intense loving, 
Not some freaky fetish.

Loving You

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In passion my boundaries become like butter
Brilliant words scrambled like nonsense I utter
Time stands still when our paths turn
night dreams sizzle in midday sunburn
I hear your laughter in the silence of morning
Hitting me like thunder without a raindrop’s warning
Had no idea you would love me so right
Sweeter than a kiss in morning light.
You are truer than my favorite shade of blue
Loving you equals my one plus one too
If loving you is wrong
Let’s make it last and make it strong
Feeling the power of your embrace
remembering how tenderly you caress my face.
Saying the same thing at the same time
Passion married to happiness in a single rhyme
You are rainbows after morning showers
I am roses blooming under nature’s powers
You sing the melody in my song
I show you right when you try to be wrong.
You are the poet behind my inspiration
I am your poem’s private dedication
We complement each other like sun and sky
Love comes naturally to silence the cry
No more tears darkening my eyes
Your affection gives me brand new highs
I love you this morning and this afternoon
I love you in the peace of our full moon.