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Ding Dong

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leopard mask

Ms. Fire handed me a leopard mask

as I reached for it,

fantasies tickled my fingertips.

I pulled the straps

around my head

under my ponytail

and looked into the mirror,

“Ooohhh weeee, I love it!”

Ms. Fire smiled

then poured dressing in a bowl

next to the appetizer tray.

She slid a celery stalk into her mouth,

leaving a pearly drop of chipotle ranch

on her pink glossy lips.

“You might want to wipe your mouth

before your guests arrive

or they’ll think we’ve started the party

without them.”

Ms. Fire licked her lips

mesmerizing me momentarily

I caught myself staring,

standing motionless,

with my hand gripping

a purple glass, G-Spot massager,

my newest toy in the Shameless collection

Right then, I was tempted

to touch Ms. Fire

with its tip

And then the doorbell chimed,

“Ding dong!”

A Naughty Girl Party and Masks

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black mask

Ms. Fire, one of my closest friends, hosted a naughty girl party featuring my Shamelessly Sensual Erotic Toys, Lingerie, and Erotica collection. I planned to share some steamy, erotic poetry and hopefully turn some new customers on to my debut line of sex toys and lingerie.  As I was displaying my products and talking to Ms. Fire about flavored oils, she peeked into a black boot box that she had placed on the couch.

Ms. Fire smiled and said, “Morena, my black box has a little surprise in it, and I got it just for tonight.”

She lifted the lid to display the contents, and to my surprise, sexy masks filled the box to the brim.

“Whaaaat are you going to do with those, you freaky little devil?” I was trying to conceal some of my mounting excitement.

Ms. Fire put on the mask with a orange and black feathers that brought ferocious appeal to her fiery eyes and purred, “Sweetie, these are for us to wear. It will help my girlfriends squash some of their inhibitions. They’ll be more open to exploration because I believe masks give a false sense of security and a bold sense of freedom.” Ms. Fire handed me a leopard mask, and as I reached for it, my fantasies tickled the tips of my fingers.  I couldn’t put my mask on fast enough…

Short Story in Progress…(Kissing in My Sleep)

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sunset in carlbad

Before dawn, Franco saw me sleeping peacefully on my stomach. At the apex of my legs, tender pussy lips peeked out a little, enough to offer him a look.  Franco shyly parted my legs enough to breathe me in. Inhaled. Held it.

His warm tongue feather-kissed my skin at the curve of my spine and down my ass, then nestled in my pussy. Exhaled.

I received his kisses in my sleep, and asphyxiated him between my sleeping thighs.

Short Story in Progress…Orgasmic Coffee

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“I’ll make breakfast if you’re hungry.”

“Morena, mi princesa, you know I’m famished. But not for food right now.”

Franco pulled me closer to him, a target in the middle of the bed.

“Are you ready to feed me?” His lips tickled the nape of my neck, making me giggle and tingle. My toes instantly curled.

“What would you like me to serve you this morning, mi amor?”

“First, I want quiet. Then, I want you to lie back and let me eat to my heart’s content. Let me hear you moan. Then, beg me to not to stop.”

Franco pulled the sheet back and I turned over. He straddled me, and I looked into hungry eyes. I was quiet until he devoured me. I’m so addicted.

Franco, my orgasmic coffee.


Short Story in Progress (Rational Fantasies)

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I wiped tears from my warm cheeks. Feeling slightly frustrated over bringing my issues to Franco at a time when we just wanted to be us.
“Morena, tell me what happened last night.”
I hated to say it because that’s when it gains the momentum to run over my rational fantasies. Barging into reality, blurring feigned peace. I kept my back to him, cuddling into his arms like protection.
“Franco. I closed my eyes last night as he attempted to fuck me. It wasn’t what I wanted, but it was what I needed. I changed my mental channel, found your station, and saw you looking into my eyes. Those fiery orange flecks reached out, touched me deep, and made me say, ‘Fuck me harder.’  Franco, that’s when you fucked me and that’s when I finally climaxed.”
Franco wiped the tear that waited on the tip of my nose.
“And every time I close my eyes, Morena, you are there. Every time I hear our song, I dance alone. Every time I pause to think about what’s on my mind, I realize you are all over me.  I can’t get enough of you.”
I turned enough to kiss his cheek. Smiled enough to allow one more tear to fall.
“Franco, I can’t either.” His thickness pushed against my ass and my fire burned again, for him, for it, for us.

Short Story in Progress (Twitches and Throbs)

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Good morning, sexy. Hope you had a restful sleep and that your dreams awakened you to the presence of me. Eyes open, heart racing, and that perfect dick in its hardest state of waiting. Knowing that if you close your eyes and release your mind, every inch of you becomes mine. Again.

My little note for Franco would surprise him when he started his day. Franco always began his mornings at his desk with a newspaper, coffee or tea, and CNN on the television. This morning, he would have one more thing to think about. Last night.

I captured Franco in his sleep. Both of us were tired.  Long days, busy schedules, and little time to breathe. I encouraged him to go to bed early even though he invited me over after dinner. Spending an evening with him was always beautiful, but watching him sleep was bliss. Something about the softness that settled upon his face, and the quiet that hid behind each breath. Strength and power live in his core, but Franco’s innocent tenderness becomes my weakness.

A few hours after he had succumbed to deep slumber, I snuggled closer to him, inhaling his sleep scents. Gentle musk blended with fresh linen. I felt tension travel from my thighs to my stomach. My quiet hand moved from his calf to his inner thigh where it waited, while my eyes fixated on the snuggled lump that would grow into fully extended pleasure. As soon as my hand grazed the flap of his shorts to rest on his chest, I saw it twitch.

Dick twitches make my clit throb.

Short Story in Progress

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Vignette #2


Café Madeleine was our favorite place for breakfast. Martine, impeccably dressed, welcomed us and took us to our private table in the corner.  I always loved the way the fountain became our background music.

Menus, a formality, because we both already knew what we were having. Franco adored the Quiche Lorraine, and Quiche Florentine was my weakness. Raspberry Mimosas came to the table within minutes after the waiter delicately placed our napkins in our laps.

“To you, Ms. Delacroix, and your smile, your sweet spirit, and your success.”

My eyes couldn’t drift.  It was almost as if his eyes and mine were fused by a spiritual force.

Blushing slightly, “To you, Mr. Washington, for being my muse.”

As our glasses clinked, I saw it for the second time in the last few days we had been together. A loud emotion behind his eyes that spoke to me, silently and clearly. I wasn’t mistaking it for my own. It was his.  In time, he would share it.

“What’s on your mind this morning Morena?” The warmth of his hand over mine gave me a sense of calm, although I couldn’t say what I was thinking.

“I was thinking that I want you to tell me what you want, Franco.”

“I want you. Right now. Right here. In broad daylight.”

Feeling his hand caress my thigh under the napkin, my heart raced. I knew it was just a matter of time before his fingers would find my silky wetness and we would both be licking our fingers. Then Martine would serve us breakfast.

Short Story (in progress)

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This is an excerpt from my first erotic short story.  EnJOY!


I was wet. I checked. Tempted to massage my clit to orgasm, but I feared falling out of my chaise lounge.  Exhibitionist, no. This wickedly horny feeling invaded me, making me crave his touch. The morning had been consumed with back and forth emails and texting.  All it took was that one sentence to light my little flame, deep inside my stomach.

You make me so hard, Ms. Delacroix.

My immediate response did not mirror the blowing bubbles, bouncing and bursting inside of me, nor my giddy girlie smile.

“Mr. Washington, it was my pleasure.”

With eyes closed and sunshine burning my cocoa skin, daydreams and fantasies secured me, but my body’s yearning betrayed me.  Kegels are the best internal exercise a woman can do. All I could do was squeeze and release, and imagine his hard dick and thick sensitive head kissing my tender petals.  He called my pussy a Plumeria.