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She Who Shields

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heart mosaic

The quiet, gentle man who

accepted her past with care

and took none of her present for granted

Took a chance on love


Who listened without pause

and tugged at tangled heart strings

Until she found comfort in his hold


Who promised he would wait

Who said time would heal

Wounds she whispered through her shield

Doesn’t want to lose again


His words were laced in lilac

Whose thoughts simmered on warmth

Who fell in love with her shattered pieces

is patient like dusty shoes


Who secured a cozy corner

Between soul and desire

Reserved and protected

for the day when flowers dance with wind chimes


Whose hand touched hers

Whose eyes locked in 20-20

Whose affection could mend

shards into her mosaic masterpiece


If only for a moment

She would trust his intentions

and return them without strings attached

not spiked with doubt


Could he who loves

be loved too?


(This poem was inspired by Sandra Cisneros’ poem “Abuelito Who”)

When Being Me Hurts

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love me too

I’m sorry

I can’t be

the me

we want

me to be

when we want


to be

the way

that we want.

I’m thankful

to have

the you

that you get to be

most of the time

but especially

when I have you

in my arms

or next to me.

I appreciate

the little things

you bring to me

because all

my big things

are sharp

and rough

and choppy

and make me feel


You fill me up

with laughter

with time

going deep

but it can’t overpower

the overdose of

hostility’s undercurrents

I am sure

I love


but I don’t love

when being me


Butterfly and Chocolate

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red flower

Delicate wings

My butterfly

open and close

tenderness upon petals of a rose

Nibbles and kisses

her sweet center

that pours in

mixing creaminess

and floral pheromones

until she blooms

on her hot chocolate






Golden Cookie Cravings

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Melting golden butter
sweet, light brown sugar.
Add vanilla and 3 eggs
slippery silky substance
devoured by the power
of 3 cups of flour.
A caramel glow
peeks through
with every stroke of my wrist
determined to capture
the essence of my cravings
cravings to be soothed
like a lullaby at midnight
but a cookie craving
is not about dessert
on a plate.
that you stayed
you ate.
Inspire Me For 30 Days, Day 5

She Will Shine

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Every glance
every smirk
she read
from his face.
Every insult
every chastisement
she bore
into her core.
He knew not the pain he birthed
in the angel child he claimed
he cherished.
She sought his approval
his attention
his unconditional love.
He spat advice
tainted by drunken sermons
while his own damaged child inside
cried behind feigned strength.
He never knew 
how to give
how to live
how to grow
as a man.
But one day 
she will shine
in spite of his shame
and his eyes will close
by force
while his heart opens
by chance
and his soul departs
by design.
Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 3

Taste of Solace

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Waking up to gray skies
quiet morning music
humming of water running in the distance
rustling of leaves.
Early dawn’s chill
hides between cottony warm sheets.
Arabica beans ground,
aroma teasing my nose,
with reserved energy
I make a delectable treat.
French toast with cinnamon,
a pinch of nutmeg, vanilla,
and a loving dose of brown sugar.
before curling up on the couch
next to techie toys
and TIME,
where nothing resembling urgency
my taste of solace
on a soul-soothing
Saturday morning.

Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 2

Right up Your Warm Blue Alley Cuz Kelly (Happy birthday, Kelly)

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Caramel Queen
basking in blueness
beauties unseen
Peace painted
on an aqua canvas
as she floats
in dancing colors.
Turks and Caicos
turquoise water
her world
from under her back
drifting without gravity
while carnival songs
sing all night long
eyes upward
hope inward.
Tranquility tempts her
in Aruba
Crispy clean water
reveals clarity
yet known from the presence
in shades of blue
Nubian Beauty.
Happy birthday, Cousin Kelly!

(This poem begins the next 30 Day Challenge, “Inspire Me”)

Encore: Writing about a Word/Picture: SULTRY

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I feel it in my soul
Deep down to my core
It leaks through each pore
Until I can hardly take any more

You look into my eyes
Touching my heart through
Everything you love to do
Giving me all of you

On a sultry night
I crave you
like the cool side of
the pillow
On a chilly day
I lean into you
Letting your passion ignite
my skin
making me sultry
and free to love you
over and over

Writing About a Word for 30 Days and it’s Day 30, The Final Day: FIRE

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Wordle: fire


The fire of God, all-consuming

Fire along the Middle Passage 
where Africans were tossed and discarded
Fire in a warrior mother’s eyes singed life from her child who would be disregarded
Fire in the loins of masters destroying the innocence 
of black cherry Queens and Princesses
Fire bombing southern churches of faith and righteousness

Fire the bullets that kill but claim to be stray
Fire the man who worked harder and needed to stay
Fire the woman who refused to be touched by men so cruel
Fire swallowing life on the hills as an arsonist’s orgasmic fuel

Fire coursing through cancerous veins
Fire burning the eyes of a child in pain
Fire scorching truth in betrayed love
Fire in my eyes when I search the heavens above

But the fire that burns in my soul
breathes light into my mind brighter than coal
Fire flickers words like a candle to the page
and births inspiration to this poetic sage

Thankful for the fire
The all-consuming fire of God
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Writing About a Word for 30 Days and it’s Day 29: DRUM

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Wordle: drum


Not just any drum
You West African Drum
rhythmically pulsating
beat of the land
inciting passion
ceremonial dancing
sending messages
through vibrations
Griots telling stories
through power in your skin
Tell my story
As my heart beats to your bass
Allow me real poetic freedom
You give life to my words
and courage to not rhyme
painting a beautiful story
on the canvas behind the hands
through your tunneled art
I speak
I dance
I live