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Writing About a Word for 30 Days and it’s Day 30, The Final Day: FIRE

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Wordle: fire


The fire of God, all-consuming

Fire along the Middle Passage 
where Africans were tossed and discarded
Fire in a warrior mother’s eyes singed life from her child who would be disregarded
Fire in the loins of masters destroying the innocence 
of black cherry Queens and Princesses
Fire bombing southern churches of faith and righteousness

Fire the bullets that kill but claim to be stray
Fire the man who worked harder and needed to stay
Fire the woman who refused to be touched by men so cruel
Fire swallowing life on the hills as an arsonist’s orgasmic fuel

Fire coursing through cancerous veins
Fire burning the eyes of a child in pain
Fire scorching truth in betrayed love
Fire in my eyes when I search the heavens above

But the fire that burns in my soul
breathes light into my mind brighter than coal
Fire flickers words like a candle to the page
and births inspiration to this poetic sage

Thankful for the fire
The all-consuming fire of God
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