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Writing About a Word for 30 Days and it’s Day 19: HOME

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Wordle: home


Card-board collections
Hard-core motels
Trailer-park trash
High-rise towers
Stilted castle on the hill
Brown stale bungalow
stucco roof
plastic overhead
roaches like raisins
rats reinforcing refuge
White cash castle
Gated palace
rented room
shared back seat
stolen covers
paper bag pillows
smothering dreams
down-filled duvets
warming hopes
sticky bus benches
too cold for faith
king-sized sleep numbers
count loneliness in twos
Old lady left alone
finds home in a pair of
run-down shoes

One Thought on “Writing About a Word for 30 Days and it’s Day 19: HOME

  1. I’m starting to shock myself!!! Wow!

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