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Seeping Sweetness

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(A Phone Call)

It’s about that time
I can’t wait
Days are starting to blur
And you know how to bring clarity
To my confusion
I need you to help me
Get clear
I can do all the talking
If you will listen
Moan every so often
So I know you’re still there

Papi, I’m wearing that sexy, blue, lacy thing
you love to look at
but I never get to keep it on for long
I’m lying on the couch
On my back
Don’t want my heels to puncture the fabric
That would be unexplainable
One leg over the top
The other braced on the floor
Spread eagle.

I hear you baby
Your deep breathing motivates me
Rubbing the surface of my wet panties
With one hand
And twirling my stiff nipple with the other
Biting my bottom lip
Thinking about your sweet kisses
The heat of your mouth
The rhythm of your tongue with mine
How easily you wet me
Soak me
The waves swell in my stomach
You know where they go next
I’m pulling my panties aside
To put my fingers inside
Where you feast
Where you thirst
Where you satisfy me
And please yourself to excess
Fingerpainting inside my treasure
Playing around in my lava fire
Seeping sweetness.

Tell me something nasty
Mmmmmm you want me to drip on your face?
Come slide under me
And let my heat consume you
My finger is your tongue
I’m trying to do what you do
When you eat me
Tease me
Please me
Mmmmmmmm yes Papi
One finger
Or two?
Love the silky
Slickness of my wetness
All over my hand
Ohhh, my clit aches now
Gentle circular motions
While picturing your thickness
Casting shadows on my face
Mouth watering desire
To suck you
Lick you
Flick the tip
And suck each drip
Mmmmmmmm yeah ohhhh yeah baby
My clit triggers shivers
Up and down my thighs
Sliding inside just enough to rub my
G- huh huh huh Spot 
Back out to lick… my… goodness
Circling faster
Back and forth
In and out
Circle faster
My body temperature is changing
The rush of cool
Before the flood gates open
And my lava fire pours forth
Controlling my breathing
So I can ride it out as it
Coming baby…
Oohhh Papi, te amo mucho
Thank you

Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 15

2 Thoughts on “Seeping Sweetness

  1. I have enjoyed the poems that I have read. They are very sexy and sensual and I have already share some with the amazing man in my life. Amazing writing, keep those beautiful poems coming.

    • Thank you Camilla!! I am grateful that you took the time to read them and to leave a comment. When you receive your book, please share a comment/review on Amazon if you don’t mind. Much love and blessings to you and your special man. Love shamelessly!!

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