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2015 “Out-Joyed” 2014

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2014 sucked! Family stress, the loss of trusting relationships, just bad in ways not worth writing. Then came 2015. New goals, expectations, and decisions set my energies in a positive direction. It worked. 2015 “out-joyed” 2014, so what resolutions are in my mind for 2016?

Loose ends are not worth my sanity, and I’ve come to the conclusion that once they are finally tied, new loose ends await. That’s how life goes otherwise what am I really working on. The changing factors of 2015 that helped me “out-joy” 2014 were prayer and faith. I prayed for change; I got it. I prayed for patience; I got it. But change and patience are constant forces. I know that when I need the most change, it requires the most patience because it never comes when I think it should. It’s not about me and my timing. It’s all about God. He knows what I need, when I need it, and how to give it to me. I understand now, but it took a year or so to learn it.

I read somewhere if God shows you something that you need to learn and you choose not to learn it, He will show it to you over and over until you finally get it. But the process gets tougher with each lesson, so stop being stubborn, and learn it the first time. Sounds similar to teaching my students. If I have taught a lesson well the first time, most of them learn it. However, when I am reteaching those who did not learn it, my lessons drag, my patience wanes, and the repetition is maddening. My enthusiasm is short. I certainly don’t want God’s lessons to drag; His patience to wane, or His disappointment to show. I need all the enthusiasm He has for me.

In 2016, I expect to “out-joy” 2015. Instead of using my Post-It-Prayer-Pillowcase, I will document my joys in my Joy Journal. I will focus on gratitude and joy, and by this time next year, I will be saying 2016 “Out-Joyed” 2015! I have patience, I have faith, and the peace that surpasses all understanding are the only resolutions I need.


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