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Lessons I Learned on a Saturday: Prompt 3 “Falling in love with . . .”

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What happens when you fall in love

with a project?

You plan and search

for its vital parts

and commence construction.

Your desired outcome

its inner mechanisms

perfectly sync

with your vision.

As the project takes form

obstacles begin blocking


Pieces don’t fit.

Mixtures won’t blend.

Sparks don’t fly.

Like a scientist,

you try again

with a new approach

using the same materials.

But after repeated tests and trials

you determine your hypothesis

would never be true.

He was never meant

to be your project.

He was supposed to be

your man.

Fall in love with a person

not a project.


2 Thoughts on “Lessons I Learned on a Saturday: Prompt 3 “Falling in love with . . .”

  1. Don’t we all believe we have that redemptive power to reclaim those projects ?

  2. We do, until we realized we need to redeem ourselves more than those projects.
    Joy recently posted…Prompt: Before There Were WordsMy Profile

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