Naked Reflections Poetry: Shameless and Unapologetic

January’s 5-Day Writing Challenge (Day 1): Inspired by Sandra Cisneros “Abuelito Who”

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I am guest-hosting the 5-Day Writing Challenge on a website for teachers who are also writers. Today’s prompt is to write an “Abuelito Who” poem.

Exes Who

Exes who poured love like butter

And made us adore them

Who were plans and dreams

Who were team us and we

Whose smiles were diamonds and pearls and paychecks

Were too stupid to think we didn’t know

When they said they were buying gifts for us

When they said they would never lie

Whose promises were disguised deceptions

That can’t hide behind our bonds again

Played the victims

Who once seemed invincible and brave

Are narcissistic assholes

Are incapable of commitment

Are locked out of our houses

Where our love no longer breathes

And memories hide in fabrics in our closets

Who shuffle sappy songs on our hearts’ playlists

And bind photos in albums and gold bands in boxes

Who reformed us into steel warriors

Like nails closing coffins

Who will love them again who?

Not us.

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