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When Being Me Hurts

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love me too

I’m sorry

I can’t be

the me

we want

me to be

when we want


to be

the way

that we want.

I’m thankful

to have

the you

that you get to be

most of the time

but especially

when I have you

in my arms

or next to me.

I appreciate

the little things

you bring to me

because all

my big things

are sharp

and rough

and choppy

and make me feel


You fill me up

with laughter

with time

going deep

but it can’t overpower

the overdose of

hostility’s undercurrents

I am sure

I love


but I don’t love

when being me


2 Thoughts on “When Being Me Hurts

  1. Lovely, sad, true and ever so sweet. A bit like you, I imagine. The picture painted by your words is seamlessly sad, yet gratefully loving. Thanks ever so for sharing it!
    Tammy Bleck recently posted…The Price of SuccessMy Profile

  2. Thank you Tammy for taking the time to read and comment. I know. Sad how sometimes we can feel the seams detaching, and the very ones that should hold us together are the most fragile.
    Joy recently posted…When Being Me HurtsMy Profile

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