Naked Reflections Poetry: Shameless and Unapologetic

She Who Shields

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heart mosaic

The quiet, gentle man who

accepted her past with care

and took none of her present for granted

Took a chance on love


Who listened without pause

and tugged at tangled heart strings

Until she found comfort in his hold


Who promised he would wait

Who said time would heal

Wounds she whispered through her shield

Doesn’t want to lose again


His words were laced in lilac

Whose thoughts simmered on warmth

Who fell in love with her shattered pieces

is patient like dusty shoes


Who secured a cozy corner

Between soul and desire

Reserved and protected

for the day when flowers dance with wind chimes


Whose hand touched hers

Whose eyes locked in 20-20

Whose affection could mend

shards into her mosaic masterpiece


If only for a moment

She would trust his intentions

and return them without strings attached

not spiked with doubt


Could he who loves

be loved too?


(This poem was inspired by Sandra Cisneros’ poem “Abuelito Who”)

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