Naked Reflections Poetry: Shameless and Unapologetic

The Naughty Girls’ Party…continued

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Ms. Fire’s guests arrived

Some enjoyed appetizers

Standing around the bar

Sipping drinks

A few immediately sat on a huge sofa

Others relaxed on her lush loveseat

Laughter, like background music

In a room full of sexy secure ladies

Ms.Fire and I put masks on everyone

While circulating the room

Remembering those first impressions

And responses to their masks

Those with their internal flames on high

And ready to watch my demonstrations

And spend money

Those who are neutral but easy to sway

Never missing the ones

Who claim they are just there to support

And even hesitate to wear the masks

They are my special projects

Once I get them

They will stay.


Demonstration #1

Creating the mood

I recited Cum Cries

Brought the ladies into my E-zone

And asked with smooth seduction

“Who wants to be my assistant tonight?

I need you to model some of my lingerie,

Wear samples of the scented massage oils,

And allow me to show you how to use a few of the toys.

The benefits of being my assistant

Come in this big bag of goodies

All for you!

Quietly waiting for the uninhibited women

To vie for position as my assistant

Zoey, Chanel, and Gia volunteered

I really wanted to use all three

Because their energy was perfect.


I chose Zoey

She had the perfect body for my lingerie

And her excitement lit the room

We went into the spare bedroom

Where I displayed my lingerie for the ladies to peruse

Before I could tell Zoey to choose something to wear

She was already holding the leopard bodysuit up to her curves.

“Morena, I am ready to put this on. May I?”

“Please.” My eyes like firelights behind my mask.

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