Naked Reflections Poetry: Shameless and Unapologetic

Morena’s Main Course (Part 3) from the Morena Series

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Morena, I will taste all of you

Starting here at your beautiful feet

Franco holds my heels in his palms
Moist lips kissing my toes
Leaving me somewhat breathless

as his tongue tenderly touches each tip

“Franco, don’t stop.”

I hold the edges of the table

halting the sensation of levitation

His hands caress my calves

holding each leg as if a work of art

He explores the backs of my knees

that quiet erogenous zone

lighting my fire

and all I can do is moan

and hold on tighter

to control my scorching desire

With eyes covered

My imagination soars

Sliding on top of me

overtaking my existence 

with his pleasuring persistence

feeding me

all of his tantalizing secrets

The sweetness of his tongue

and the saltiness of his neck

Morena, your legs are delectable

but I have to sample your main dish

“Franco, I need to see you

I want to watch you please me.”

Princesa, feel the joy

Let it overcome you

as I have been completely possessed by you

My dress no longer hid my hunger
He has bared my want for him
Listening, smelling, anticipating
Where he will go next

His tongue and fingers massage my inner thighs

and warmth from his own body heat

escapes through his pores

My legs lock around his broad shoulders

Subduing his head behind a facade of my control

He breathes in and out with urgency

In and out, I pant

Moisture seeps and drips
from the depths of my cravings
and teases his tongue
I attempt to speak

But all that escapes

are the sounds of satisfaction


to an orgasmic impact

that my hot walls will endure.

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