Naked Reflections Poetry: Shameless and Unapologetic

Thai (Part 2: Dessert) from the Morena series

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Last bites remain 
unclaimed on our plates
Franco’s eyes entice mine
his hunger permeating the room
synergic with my sensibilities
Would you like dessert, Franco?
What might that be, Morena?
An assortment of berries
with delicious sweet cream.
I would love your berries and cream, Morena
Let me help you clear the table
To make room for Fruta y Crema.

The cherrywood table
welcomes the fruit platter in its center
Franco stands behind me 
almost close enough
to channel his heat through my dress
Restraining my waist
he whispers on the back of my neck, 
Se ve bien rico, Morena.

Do you trust me, my love?
Of course I do
Why would you ask?
I want to know the depth of your trust
and see if you are willing to let go.
I am willing
I am ready
I can barely wait.
He has no idea how much I want this
Whatever it is.

As I turn to face him
He covers my eyes with what feels like a silk scarf
Don’t worry, Morena
Experience this without your eyes
Releasing your visual control is mutually erotic.
Mmmm, I give you permission 
to create new vision for me, Franco
I want to feel what I can not see.
Relax. I will lay you down 
where we can enjoy dessert.

He gently whisks me off of my feet
What I thought would be the couch
is the cool hardness of cherrywood 
seeping through my dress
The unexpected creates mysterious intensity
Before I can speak
the warmth of his lips 
covers mine.
Let me feed you
Please you
Satiate your sweet wants.

Open your mouth
and savor what you taste
Allow it to fill you completely.
My lips part enough to accept a cream-covered cherry
The sweetness on the end of my tongue
and the solid wholeness of the berry
entice me to chew slowly
appreciating the newness
in its rawness.
Don’t swallow the seed, Morena.
The seed balances 
between my tongue
and my lips
He sucks it out but leaves my mouth
craving him more.

I want to taste you Franco.
Not yet, mi amor
You have more fruta y crema.
He touches my bottom lip
Igniting a fire in the pit of my stomach
my tongue searches blindly
He holds a strawberry in my mouth
Bite gently.
As my teeth slowly penetrate, 
he pinches my nipple
exposed behind my dress
and my thighs tremble
from carnal anticipation
I chew but his tongue intervenes
forcing its way around 
the cream
the bits of berry
and my liquid desire.

The feel of you
The sight of you
Makes me want to taste all of you.

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