Naked Reflections Poetry: Shameless and Unapologetic

In a Room with Eleven Candles Lit (from the Morena series in progress)

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I lie in a room
with eleven candles lit
eagerly awaiting my masseur
completely naked
shoulders tense
harp tones flowing
subliminally soothing
as lavender and eucalyptus
seduce me into momentary peace.

Gentle knock
my readiness
don’t let him feel my nerves
just my tension
that is his
to knead
and rub

No verbal introduction
The clicky pump of the bottle
brings essential oils
to my skin
accompanying the melody
of a tactile welcome
from fingers
trained and created
to bring bliss
through pressure.

Hearing his gentle breathing
cloaked in the essence
of lubricated friction,
he masterfully strokes
my stress
Beginning with my shoulders
a deliberate rubbing
in circular motions
across my spine
caressing the small of my back
where his weight
is expertly applied
signaling inner effects
of blood rushing
inside my legs.

Smooth hands
paint jasmine oil
down my thighs
Aphrodisiac episodes
and fantasy-laden thoughts
trigger tingling in my feet
they start to shake.

With both hands
warmed by my slippery skin
and his own body heat
he held my feet
as the electric fire in them
shot desire to each
oily fingertip
massaging my toes
one at a time
gently pulling my leg
separating it from contact
with the cloth beneath it
raising just high enough
to expose my wetness
to unexpected oxygen.

My body’s aromatic power
triggered his response
Morena, I love your scent
I have given you essential oils
But I need you
I crave your essence
I want to be inside of your aura.

Franco, you are my masseur
I love you in a room
with 11 candles lit
Come inside me.

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