Naked Reflections Poetry: Shameless and Unapologetic

Morena’s Reflections (a sample from a series in progress)

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Morena’s Reflections

My Franco is my love

I miss him before he leaves

Miss him when he enters my presence

Regretting that eventually he will depart again

Kissing him, loving him, smelling him

Creating a permanent heart recording

Reserved in my playlist

For the times when he is gone

A love like this can’t be repeated

Can’t be imitated.

Love was born when we first embraced

The first kiss, no holding back

He took me like he wanted me

Touched me

Listened to me

Cared about what mattered to me

He was all about me.

I knew he was falling

But did he know I fell before the second kiss?

His electricity fired my nerves

Giving me the courage to give in to the fall

To go down with my eyes closed

But seeing everything crystal clear

Everything real

And true

And new.

He held me close

And embraced all that was uniquely me

The little things I so easily dismiss

My nose

My eyelashes

The small curve of my lower back

And the alluring expanse of my hips.

My femininity fed his masculinity

His scent catered to my instincts

As we envisioned a night spent

Showing each other in timeless verbs

The explicit meaning

Of every unspoken word.

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