Naked Reflections Poetry: Shameless and Unapologetic

Shades of Blue

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A sample of my poetic reflections
Shades of Blue
Every time I am near you

I feel a new shade of blue

When you touched my soul with your royal red fire

My passion burned in the glow of fuel blue

The day you told me my heart was golden

I was lighter than a cloudy sky’s blue

Every time I am near you

I become a new shade of blue

When you walked me into June’s purple sunset

My skin twinkled like stars in midnight blue

I slept in your arms of strength and onyx

Before you awakened me to love like indigo blue

Every time I am near you

I adore my new shade of blue

That sweet orange morning of sunrise and you

I absorbed you in a rainbow of azure blue

You kissed me like a wisp of violets

And I cherished that moment like Mediterranean blue

Every time I am near you

My joy is never blue.

Stacey L. Joy

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Whiteboard Reflections

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This school year was particularly difficult and I have been reflecting on it this summer.  Many people who don’t work in education think that summer vacation is the “three months off” that teachers are given.  Well, quite the contrary, this summer it’s the few weeks off that I have been “given” in order to plan lessons for the next 180 days minus 7 furlough days (173).  It’s the few weeks I have been “given” to figure out how I will manage the cuts on my paychecks while “enjoying” a whole week off for Thanksgiving this coming  November.  It’s the time I have to decide which workshops I will take in July, which program I can teach for in August, and when the money will actually show up on my paycheck, because of course teachers aren’t paid for at least 2 months after attending a paid training.
Basically, I am spending this summer “vacation” working for delayed gratification…every awesome teacher does this, right?  

Heroines With Cancer

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My mother has stage 4 ovarian cancer, meaning that it has spread to other organs.  But cancer is also spreading amongst my mother’s circle of girlfriends and loved ones.  My mother’s good friends, Lois, Jane, and Bernice have breast cancer.  My mother’s long-time friend, Alora, has lung cancer that has spread.  My mother’s friend and former co-worker, Evelyn, has skin cancer.  Of her dear friends, Gwen is the only one who has passed away from cancer that invaded her intestines.  What I wonder is why is cancer spreading through this circle of friends so viciously?  But what I am most proud to reflect on is how heroic each of these women are as they battle cancer for each other!

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Why is there a Naked Reflection?

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Welcome to my very first blog! I’m so excited to have a forum to release and reveal my thoughts to the world! I can only imagine the praises, laughs, judgments, criticisms, and WTF’s that are headed my way!

I was inspired to do this blog as a result of 3 different people within a few days telling me that I always say what other people are thinking, and they asked if I considered blogging. I have always been one to share my thoughts either in writing, speaking, or through my eyes. Remember, your eyes are windows to the soul. So I thought, why not expose myself in blogs??

I anticipate that my Naked Reflections will open a door or two, at least one door in my life and hopefully one in yours. The most important goal for me is to uncover my thoughts and boldy face my Naked Reflections.