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October’s Writing Challenge #2: Use 100 One-Syllable Words to Tell a Story

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The C Word

a mass

stage four

in her right breast

the rare form

“What can we do?”

the dim doc said,

“Be there and take the time to help her through

she will get weak

and won’t want to eat or drink

she cried, “I won’t quit.

I’m strong.

I can beat this.

Don’t leave me here

in this cold room

take me home

where I can rest.”

Her kids and friends and us kin

watched her wilt

it took one year

to kill the bad cells

it took two more years

to kill all of her

rest on wings

pain free

In memory of my Shero, Donna Fulbright, who will always be remembered for her love, life, and unforgettable laugh!