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Writing About a Word for 30 Days and it’s Day 27: AUTOCORRECT

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Wordle: autocorrect


If I could autocorrect aloud like technology autocorrects silently
I would tell you that there is no such word as “snuck”
I would tell you that “orientate” reveals your confusion
I would respond to your status updates with “rough draft, please revise”
When you misspell a name on Facebook,
I would autocorrect it and unfriend you

I would ask you if you were intentionally saying “I”
when you should have used “me”
And give you the autocorrection for her not “she”
Autocorrect assumes you don’t know
that’s why it’s AUTO…but auto implies SELF
and your SELF doesn’t correct

I would autocorrect your misuse of “your” and your never use of “you’re”
I would tell you that “supposably” is opposable and nonexistent
And you’re not showing your knowledge at all
I would ask you if “then” equals “than”
Or did you intend to compare a transition in time

Before I sleep each night
I would turn off my autocorrect
allowing myself to dream of an automatically correct world
and awaken to a clear mind at the dawn of a new morning