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Flight 11:11

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We met on a Thursday


Flight 11:11

Destination, The Grand Cayman Island

Everything we needed was in one bag

It wouldn’t require much

As long as we had each other

Our case was full.

Upon take-off, stress descended in puffs

Taking flight on the exhaust of our minds

Safe, secure, secluded

Reality’s bondage packed and abandoned

When we reached the highest altitude

I felt your hand in mine

Closed my eyes

And erased time.

Hours of sealed breathing

Contained within the cabin in the sky

Began to stir new fantasies

You and I on sandy beaches

In hot sun and cool waves

Candlelit dinners in our cottage

Before melodic love-making

I smiled at the possibilities

Painted in oils on the canvas of my mind.

We arrived on warm, virgin land

Sensing the urgency of the crowd

But grasped the thrill of just us

Knowing it would be barely minutes

Until the hunger and thirst

Would be satiated, replenished, and birthed again.

Windows watched us

While we eagerly approached

the cabana nestled in the palms

What we brought inside

Had timeless life within.

Before you could close the door behind me

the intensity of our embrace

obscured the world around us.

The kitchen imbibed our hunger

We devoured each other’s passions

Absorbing and breathing internal heat

With each starved kiss.

You found the caramel for the coffee

But it became the topping

On my cocoa-tipped scoops

I discovered the honey for the tea

But it enveloped the strength

Of your pre-sweetened vessel.

We fell asleep on the floor

Meant only for standing

But to our burning flesh

The stones gave a welcomed chill.

Right up Your Warm Blue Alley Cuz Kelly (Happy birthday, Kelly)

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Caramel Queen
basking in blueness
beauties unseen
Peace painted
on an aqua canvas
as she floats
in dancing colors.
Turks and Caicos
turquoise water
her world
from under her back
drifting without gravity
while carnival songs
sing all night long
eyes upward
hope inward.
Tranquility tempts her
in Aruba
Crispy clean water
reveals clarity
yet known from the presence
in shades of blue
Nubian Beauty.
Happy birthday, Cousin Kelly!

(This poem begins the next 30 Day Challenge, “Inspire Me”)