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Keep it Real 2018

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Keep it real 2018

I have $18.23 in my bank account

I have donated more clothes than I’ve kept

Closet walls with unfaded paint remind me

I can’t acquire new things until God says so.


I drank a cup of coffee with too much sweet cream

I drank too much sangria and not enough water

I ate too many chips with dip

and my big pajamas feel small because they are.


I have spent two weeks watching crime shows

and eating cookies with too much sugar

and bread with too much butter

and too much wine on one-glass days.


But I am full, joyous, loved

I have gas in my car that I washed myself

I have electricity and access to unlimited distractions

and access to limitless encouragement

I can focus on everyone else and all they have

All they don’t want or don’t believe

Or I can focus on me

I choose to be happy

I choose to accept what is and feel the joy of it

Because change can come before this poem, this day, or this year is done

I choose now

Keep it real 2018.

“I Am” 30-Day Challenge #16

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I am changed, and I thank God for that! Staying the same and being stuck can result from fear of change or unwillingness to step out of comfort zones. But the amazing part about change is that once it happens, the new comfort zone’s coziness is greater than any I’ve ever imagined.  I just have to remember that sometimes change hurts, but it’s only temporary; like getting a filling for a cavity. Once the numbness and the pain go away, I’m all smiles.