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Moan While You Blow

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Moan while you blow

Lick your tongue from tip to base

Let your mouth mimic your treasure

Hold my ass

Controlling how deep you want me inside


Moan while you blow

Let me watch you

Watching me

Look up into my eyes

And feel me pulsate in your throat


Moan while you blow

Because that shit feels good to me

Blood rushes from head to head

Look up into my eyes

Capture sweet cum

And swallow slowly


Moan while you blow

Don’t go.



Cum Cries

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Bury your face

Below my waist

Above my knees

Make me beg

Baby, baby please

Until my legs tremble

And you force me to


Onto the floor

Where you oblige your tongue

With my sweet juices

While my eyes water

Cum cries

The best kind