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November’s 5-Day Writing Challenge: Day 1 “My Nana’s Kitchen”

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My Nana’s kitchen


10 x 10

Painted in holiday memories


“Help me pull the innards out.”


“We have to burn the toast first.”

Rice Dressing 

“Use the grinder for the onions and peppers.”

Candied Yams 

“Have you seen my marshmallows?”


“Stick the cloves in.”

Green beans 

“You need to eat your vegetables.”

Mustard Greens

“Everyone loves my greens except you.”

Mincemeat pie

“You don’t know what you’re missing.”

Icebox cookies

“Stir the batter the right way!”


“It has to melt all the way down.”

And her fizzy foamy fruit punch

Mixed with rainbow sherbet

Pineapple juice

And 7-up

In her antique punch bowl

“You better not break my cups.”

My Nana’s kitchen

Steeped in





Where I wondered 

if her cigarette ashes

ever fell into the greens

and the pie

Or if the food stuck to her dress

was from last year

or from when my Mommie was little

Where I couldn’t question her

because it was not appropriate

I had to trust her

because she was my Nana

Mr. Sweet

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Mr. Sweet
invites me every Sunday morning
and I gladly walk
2 houses north
where the paint
is new
with palatial Picasso
Mr. Sweet’s
culinary sophistication
is beyond description
Tantalizing arrangements
drawing attention from neighbors
like droves of ants
invading picnic crumbs.
Mr. Sweet’s Sunday Breakfast
in November:
Cinnamon tainted pancakes
Drizzled in warm maple syrup
Eggs too fluffy for a fork
Spicy grilled sausage
Pineapples, blueberries and melons
color the kitchen
the way a fall rainbow
eases the gray from a cloudy day
Distant fireplace crackles,
Jazzy tones and aromas waft
through our sunlit corner
Sprinkles of laughter,
fiery glances,
 and tension
our Sweet Sunday.Mr. Sweet likes to spoon
with me
after breakfast

on cozy, cottony sheets.
We slide into position
double dipping into the middle
his bed willingly embraces us
inviting a second meal
of soul-satisfying
I love
Mr. Sweet.Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 9