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Pieces of Peace #19: 7-Words Prompt Poem

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The seven words I used in my poem come from Prince’s song, Lady Cab Driver.  A 7-Word Prompt Poem is written in 7 lines, uses 7 words from any source, and the topic is your choice.

My 7 words: politicians, discrimination, isolation, confusion, creator, demon, mansion

Peace and Liberty

Awakening to confusion in the mansion of my mind

Threatening politicians with historic practices

Sickening discrimination against my creator’s plans

Enslaving isolation like mental oppression

Refusing to succumb to greedy demons

Rising above the ashes of a free nation

Protecting my liberty to be at peace with me




Pieces of Peace #8: Massa Gave Me the Key to Peace

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Massa unlocked my chains

and set me free

threw the rusty ole key

at me.


What I need dis key fo’

if I is free?

Ain’t lockin’ mysef up

no not me.


Massa said, “Dats yo key

Got S on it

Keep it in yo bag

No matter where you go.”


What I need dis key fo’

if I is free?

Ain’t lockin’ mysef up

no not me.


Made my way to the North

where folks like me

been free.

Showed Sistah Grace my key

and tol’ her

I is free.

Tanka #22 Free Fall

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I jumped off the cliff

assured to land in blue sea

weightless carefree fall

on God’s wings no harm can come

grass kissed my toes welcome home