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Peace Divine

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This is 1 of 5 poems from the March 5-Day Writing Challenge. We had to use words with aural texture that create a unique sound palette. We were challenged with even creating a unique made-up word. Mine is “Prastinktidy” and you can decide what it means after you’ve explored my poem, Peace Divine.

Peace Divine


Plucking away

Fibers of your smile

Truncating prayers

As undulating heartbeats 

Rattle and trottle your spirit

Masked madmen slither 

Into your dawn to dusk


Botulinum toxins

Over your grocery cart

Your gas station

Your favorite cafe

Your neighbor’s greeting

Your classroom

Your snakeskin fingers

Making your faith in humanity

Oozeebboozeebb clop

And glut in mustard seeds

Then one seed falls

Onto balmy palm soil 

Your hands receiving it

To take root

Savory splendor sprouting

Piquant prayer of praise


This moment of wellness

This day’s torrential downpours

Cleansing your dirty hurting Earth

This knowing

That God brings peace

In the midst of


“I Am” 30-Day Challenge #26

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I am in the flow of gratitude

Thankful for the abundance of answered prayers

For having a circle of loving family and friends

I am grateful for time

Time to heal

To look within for my source of strength

To give thanks each and every day

I am in the flow of gratitude

For wellness

For power

For a joyous and peaceful life.

Her Haiku Healing: A 40-Day Spiritual and Emotional Journey

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Day 39: Integrity


Tests build character

 Even through your life’s trials

be grateful for all