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Haiku Heat #31: Climax

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Throbbing to your beat
tears falling at passion’s peak
we come together

Haiku Heat #30: Hard Love

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Hands clasped and eyes closed
Souls merge in silent secrets
Hard makes love easy

Haiku Heat #29: Liquid Lovers

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Sharing mine with yours
Drinking the same liquid love
Until we’re both full

Haiku Heat #28: Dripping Fire

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You dripped from my lip
Trickled and danced your way down
and sizzled with my fire

Haiku Heat #27: Wet Portrait

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Paint me in Haiku
wet poetic portrait
syllabic soul dancing

Haiku Heat #26: Fill Me Up

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You fill my love up
Every inch of my being
Rendered powerless

Haiku Heat #26: Head Lock

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Squeezing you tight like
a head lock of lust inside
where you need no air

Haiku Heat #25: Ecstasy

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Tinged in ecstasy
until you came inside me
smudged by possession

Haiku Heat #24: No Pain

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Memories fill me
no pain feels me, peace frees me
his shadow heals me

Haiku Heat #23: Summer Big Stick

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Hot like passion’s fuel
Big Stick dripping oh so cool
Sweet juice makes me drool