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Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom

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When she went to Heaven

I thought missing her

would be unbearable

I didn’t know

she would live

in a million different ways


She touches my life

like scattered rose petals

She is in my selfies

the little neck wrinkles

that were so genuinely hers

the gently furrowed brow

that I can’t filter away

She is in my reflection

the eyeliner that now wiggles

the thin lips that lipstick laughs at

the leg veins that resemble lightning

on thunder thighs


She is in my work

her writing on my students’ tests

her lectures about making better choices

her commitment to do more instead of less

leaving frazzled at the day’s end


She is my bedtime at 8 p.m.

and waking at 4 a.m.

She is coffee in the quiet of a new day

and prayers for her daughters

She is tired but doesn’t quit

She smiles and laughs and loves

without limits

I am she

Together always

we will be.


Happy Mother’s Day

Rest Peacefully and Joyously in Heaven, Mommie!

DNR Because You’re Free (Happy 6th Heavenly Anniversary Mommie!)

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Another clear sunny morning

to begin the 6th Anniversary

of your Heavenly transition.

While spending quiet time

reminiscing through old photos

your plastic arm band fell out of a stack

and landed next to my hand.



Do not revive something,


even you

from unconsciousness or death.

When your final days drew near

your wish was to be free

to go

your time here was finished.


Live each day with focused purpose

without fear of failure

pursue that which God placed in you

And He will provide a way.

I hear you.

Love with all you’ve got

hug those who hurt

smile more

and laugh

as hard as you can

let your tears fall like rain

sing and dance to ease your pain.

I hear you.


Feel every breeze.

I’m with you.

Stand against the wind like trees.

I’ve got you.

Soak in the sunshine.

I’m next to you.

Jump in puddles.

I’ll catch you.


Learn to let go.

Be free.

Don’t revive the past.

Don’t revive pain.

Let go.


Because you’re FREE.