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A Naughty Girl Party and Masks

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black mask

Ms. Fire, one of my closest friends, hosted a naughty girl party featuring my Shamelessly Sensual Erotic Toys, Lingerie, and Erotica collection. I planned to share some steamy, erotic poetry and hopefully turn some new customers on to my debut line of sex toys and lingerie.  As I was displaying my products and talking to Ms. Fire about flavored oils, she peeked into a black boot box that she had placed on the couch.

Ms. Fire smiled and said, “Morena, my black box has a little surprise in it, and I got it just for tonight.”

She lifted the lid to display the contents, and to my surprise, sexy masks filled the box to the brim.

“Whaaaat are you going to do with those, you freaky little devil?” I was trying to conceal some of my mounting excitement.

Ms. Fire put on the mask with a orange and black feathers that brought ferocious appeal to her fiery eyes and purred, “Sweetie, these are for us to wear. It will help my girlfriends squash some of their inhibitions. They’ll be more open to exploration because I believe masks give a false sense of security and a bold sense of freedom.” Ms. Fire handed me a leopard mask, and as I reached for it, my fantasies tickled the tips of my fingers.  I couldn’t put my mask on fast enough…