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Wanting You

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I want you here
So we can wake up
And hit the snooze button together
Wrap sheets around us
To hold the warmth we make
After having each other for breakfast.
I want you here
So we can make pancakes and eggs
While maple bacon is frying
And French roast coffee automatically
Drips in cups for us,
While we sit at the table
In disarray from last night’s
Half-eaten pizza
And diluted liquid left
In glasses with lip prints.
I want you here
So we can make love for lunch
Take a 2 p.m. nap
Intertwine our legs
Lock our bodies in the middle of the couch
Until the dinner order arrives.
I want you here
To be my dessert
My organic berries
My sweet potato pie
My vanilla frosting
Chocolate chips
And creamy filling.
I want you here
So we can wake up
To Sunday morning sunrise
Seeing last night in our eyes
Cuddle with mid-day movies on TV
And wrap up again in sheets
That remember our scents
Before awakening on Monday
When we hit the snooze button together again.

Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 17

Soul Sync

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Visions of us
Like instant replays on my private channel
the channel that plays our song
The channel that broadcasts our laughter
The channel that is rated “X”
For ecstasy
For extreme
For exclamations
Of our intensity
The unexpected
Way that we land
In each other’s embrace
As puzzle pieces so
Perfectly click in place 
The way we soul sync
Eyes lock
Lips to nose
Nose to lips
The way you pull my hips
Visions of us
In loud lust
Silent sorrow
Muting maybes
Chancing tomorrows
For clear visions of us.
Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 16

Seeping Sweetness

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(A Phone Call)

It’s about that time
I can’t wait
Days are starting to blur
And you know how to bring clarity
To my confusion
I need you to help me
Get clear
I can do all the talking
If you will listen
Moan every so often
So I know you’re still there

Papi, I’m wearing that sexy, blue, lacy thing
you love to look at
but I never get to keep it on for long
I’m lying on the couch
On my back
Don’t want my heels to puncture the fabric
That would be unexplainable
One leg over the top
The other braced on the floor
Spread eagle.

I hear you baby
Your deep breathing motivates me
Rubbing the surface of my wet panties
With one hand
And twirling my stiff nipple with the other
Biting my bottom lip
Thinking about your sweet kisses
The heat of your mouth
The rhythm of your tongue with mine
How easily you wet me
Soak me
The waves swell in my stomach
You know where they go next
I’m pulling my panties aside
To put my fingers inside
Where you feast
Where you thirst
Where you satisfy me
And please yourself to excess
Fingerpainting inside my treasure
Playing around in my lava fire
Seeping sweetness.

Tell me something nasty
Mmmmmm you want me to drip on your face?
Come slide under me
And let my heat consume you
My finger is your tongue
I’m trying to do what you do
When you eat me
Tease me
Please me
Mmmmmmmm yes Papi
One finger
Or two?
Love the silky
Slickness of my wetness
All over my hand
Ohhh, my clit aches now
Gentle circular motions
While picturing your thickness
Casting shadows on my face
Mouth watering desire
To suck you
Lick you
Flick the tip
And suck each drip
Mmmmmmmm yeah ohhhh yeah baby
My clit triggers shivers
Up and down my thighs
Sliding inside just enough to rub my
G- huh huh huh Spot 
Back out to lick… my… goodness
Circling faster
Back and forth
In and out
Circle faster
My body temperature is changing
The rush of cool
Before the flood gates open
And my lava fire pours forth
Controlling my breathing
So I can ride it out as it
Coming baby…
Oohhh Papi, te amo mucho
Thank you

Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 15

Untitled Sex Scene

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We fell in love
in a black and white movie
No subtitles
Fluent lip reading
Fingers rest on my hand
His heart leaks through each swirly print
A firm grasp around my shoulders
Finding myself trapped
in the corners of my own ecstasy
While a dose of cozy comfort
Rocks us through each scene
Rising action
Horizontal harmony
head to toe
kissing my curves
Enveloping his segments
Trembling and shuddering
Climaxing in surround sound
Wet skin against wet skin
Staccato breathing
Heartbeat against heartbeat
Until the lights flicker on
And we kiss in color
And we kiss in color.
Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 14

When We First Meet

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 cosmic clouds
When we first meet,
the moonlight will dance on ocean waves.
I will wear what you chose for me,
smell how you imagined me,
and feel the joy we dreamed.
Music will flow on the wind
as you take my hand.
We will fly on cloudy wings
that paint the world around us.
When we first meet,
I won’t hesitate to fall into your embrace.
You will pull me in
where I will gladly go.
You will touch me tenderly,
and I will reciprocate
with gentle intensity.
We will look into eyes
that were once just a photograph,
smile upon lips
that were once only symbols in a text,
and kiss the way we envisioned.
The kiss that melts the shield,
that turns wanting into craving,
and puts us both into position
for complete satisfaction.
When we first meet,
there will be a right place,
a right time,
a right experience.
The place will welcome us
and be prepared just for us.
The time will creep,
like snowflakes that first fall,
to give us every second to remember.
The experience will be ours,
to create as we desire.
I will give you control
because you want to please me.
Then, you will allow me to please you
because that is what I want to do.
You will say you are already satisfied
because you have taken care of me,
but I will say
there is more pleasure for both of us
because we have just met.
Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 13

Devoured Power on Franco’s Flokati Rug

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Eleven candles
Illuminate darkness
Fire crackling
Saxophone melodies seduce us.
Our bodies paint
Sexy silhouettes on the city view
Where reality and noise reign
Beyond Franco’s wall of windows.

Before initial contact
Slow intentional moves
Feeling the heat of each breath
Pulling me into his embrace.
The kiss, gentle touching
Nothing wreckless or sloppy
Unexpectedly, tongues meet
Savoring each other’s flavors.
Gentle lip biting
Our lovers’ faces
Merge like intricate fibers of silk
Beautiful, new, delicate.
Franco pulls my waist
I cup his face
in eager hands
Sucking his warm wanting tongue
A sexual preview
What I can’t wait to do.

Franco pushes me against the wall
Cold chill
Passionate thrill
He is taking it all
Ripping the buttons
from the front of my dress
“Yesss, yessss, yessssss,”
Franco grips my breasts
And pulls each lacy cup down
To allow their freedom
And his access
left to right
simultaneous attention.

I can’t stand
Legs like candle wax
He feels me going down
Gripping my hips
Biting my lips
Snatching my wet panties
Drip, drip, drip.
He lays me on the warm Flokati rug
Morena, baby, I need your sweet, sweet nectar
He licks each drop
As my legs melt into the fabric
Rendering me powerless.

He kisses my inner thighs
To give me seconds to find my breath.
His tongue tempts my clit
Fingers exploring my heat
Emerging with sweet wetness
Licking his fingers
Sliding up my stomach
Kissing my mouth
He takes my breath
In sync with his own
And I feel his hardness
Tantalizing tango between my lips
Feel that?
“Franco, fill me up.  Don’t tease me any longer.”
He pushes slowly
I feel the head of his strength
It slides in
I grip
Hands to the floor
My walls around him
In farther
“Mmmm, Franco.”
Morena, it’s so warm and so tight,
I could marinate in you all night.
Feel this? 
“I feel that, pulsating.
Fuck me.
Love me.
Take me.”
Franco lifts my hips
Throws my legs over his shoulders
And masterfully penetrates me
Captures my treasure
And devours
Any power
I thought I had.
And shattering
Love’s boundaries.

Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 13

Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 12

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Franco’s Submission, Part 2

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Franco stretches his arms up

To palm the slippery walls

Of the steamy shower

I squat and grab his calves

Looking up into the darkness

Where his jewels sparkle

And his hardness drips a mixture of water

And liquid pleasure

Slowly my hands slide up Franco’s thighs

Mmmmm, Morenaaaaa, don’t stop!

“I am just getting started.

Be still.”

I bury my face where his thighs meet

My destination

Lips and tongue welcoming all of him

As shower water tickles my back

and I swallow the goodness

of Franco’s vulnerabilities

Protected by invisible walls of passion

Blood pulsating behind thin skin

in a thick chamber

I grab it with one slick hand

“I need you to fill me up.

Take over every inch of my being.

Make each of my clenches be in vain.”

Franco glides down to the floor

Almost as if in a lover’s dance

In sync

I join him

And present my treasure

To his

With legs locked around his waist

Our heads collide

In a spiritually divine wave

To drown with the heat

Of the water

That sizzles

With flaming skin

“Let me take you all the way in,

Again and again.”

Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 11

Franco’s Submission, Part 1

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 Bubbles from the jacuzzi jets
tickle my skin
kneading tired muscles
like Franco’s firm touch.
I close my eyes
While the rolled towel cradles my neck.
You look so relaxed, Morena.
“I am replenishing my strength
For what I plan to do to you, Franco.
Get out of the jacuzzi,
Go into the third stall,
Leave the curtain halfway open.”

Not opening my eyes
But clearly seeing him step out,
steamy skin
puddles faithfully following him
the familiar sound of sliding curtain rings
from the shower room.
I wait just a few moments
giving Franco’s water time to heat
he likes his showers hot.

I abandon the warmth of my refuge
standing still
recollecting my focus
and wrapping my wetness
I gingerly walk,
almost cat-like
towards my anticipated conquest
Franco’s complete submission
without granting me permission
where he gives in, willingly.

The third stall
soapy feet 
and quiet aromas of musk
welcome me
beckon my presence.
Gazing into his fiery eyes
Wild eagerness unrestrained
and betrayed by his extended hardness.
My towel falls freeing my carnal intentions
stepping into his soapy sauna
I push him back,
“Don’t move, Franco.
Stand against the wall
Keep your hands up.
I will do all the touching
you will do all the feeling,
y acabaremos juntos,
and we will 
come together.”

Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 10

Mr. Sweet

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Mr. Sweet
invites me every Sunday morning
and I gladly walk
2 houses north
where the paint
is new
with palatial Picasso
Mr. Sweet’s
culinary sophistication
is beyond description
Tantalizing arrangements
drawing attention from neighbors
like droves of ants
invading picnic crumbs.
Mr. Sweet’s Sunday Breakfast
in November:
Cinnamon tainted pancakes
Drizzled in warm maple syrup
Eggs too fluffy for a fork
Spicy grilled sausage
Pineapples, blueberries and melons
color the kitchen
the way a fall rainbow
eases the gray from a cloudy day
Distant fireplace crackles,
Jazzy tones and aromas waft
through our sunlit corner
Sprinkles of laughter,
fiery glances,
 and tension
our Sweet Sunday.Mr. Sweet likes to spoon
with me
after breakfast

on cozy, cottony sheets.
We slide into position
double dipping into the middle
his bed willingly embraces us
inviting a second meal
of soul-satisfying
I love
Mr. Sweet.Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 9