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Tanka #22 Free Fall

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I jumped off the cliff

assured to land in blue sea

weightless carefree fall

on God’s wings no harm can come

grass kissed my toes welcome home

Haiku Heat Excerpt #2 “Seductive Desires and Dreams”

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clouds and sky

We kissed in clear dreams

Made love atop skyscrapers

Wiped my face with him


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Franco called Morena his FuckBaby

And FuckDaddy made her quiver

Bound by the cuffs he locked

Blindfolded with his black silk tie

Confined by hands that held her waist

Close enough to feel hearts beating


Pushed to the bed where fires burned

Legs spread like Post-Pangea

Heels, polar opposites

She pleaded for a sexual sentencing

Before he cocked and shot

White liquid bullets

Piercing his FuckBaby’s cries

Then kissed her goodnight

Singing FuckDaddy Lullabies

Haiku Heat #10: Imagining

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I kissed him in dreams
Made love on cotton blankets
Wiped my face with him