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Short Story in Progress…(Kissing in My Sleep)

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sunset in carlbad

Before dawn, Franco saw me sleeping peacefully on my stomach. At the apex of my legs, tender pussy lips peeked out a little, enough to offer him a look.  Franco shyly parted my legs enough to breathe me in. Inhaled. Held it.

His warm tongue feather-kissed my skin at the curve of my spine and down my ass, then nestled in my pussy. Exhaled.

I received his kisses in my sleep, and asphyxiated him between my sleeping thighs.

Allow Me

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“Sir, we will be arriving at the hotel momentarily.”

“Thank you, Amir. We’re ready.”

Morena slipped one hand in Franco’s

and the other around his hard bicep

while she snuggled her face

into the warmth of his shoulder.


“I’m so excited, Franco. This is like a dream.”

Kissing the top of her head,

Franco whispered,

“But I have yet to put you to sleep.”

Morena’s jitters bolted from her hands to her thighs

Their ride had come to a stop

Amir parked and opened their door.


Morena took careful steps out

On legs that still quivered

Franco joined her curbside

Where she suddenly seemed to shrink

Next to his massive frame

He nudged the small of her back

Guiding her through the sliding hotel doors.


Waterfalls and elevator chimes

Beckoned them

As they bypassed the registration desk

“Franco, don’t we need to check in?”

“My love, that was done hours ago.

Relax. It’s time to produce real dreams.”


They entered the elevator

Franco’s middle finger teased several buttons

Before pushing 11

“Are we really on the 11th floor, mi amor?”

“I would have it no other way for you, Princesa.”


Quietly ascending

With gentle breaths

And racing heartbeats

They engaged in a silent conversation

About the love they were about to make.


When the doors opened to their suite

Sunlight glistened on distant water

Beyond floor-to-ceiling windows

A rose-petaled path

At the entry

Weakened Morena’s knees

And she leaned into Franco

To kiss him before ecstatic tears choked her.


Franco picked Morena up

Carrying her into the master bedroom

Where an exquisite fruit basket,

Lavender roses,

And chilled champagne

Awaited them.


“Morena, mi princesa,

Allow me to have you.

Allow me to put you to sleep from exhaustion.

Allow me to produce new dreams.

Allow me to teach you

How to make timeless love

In Suite 1124 on the 11th floor.”


Suite 1124 on the 11th Floor

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bayview from above


The flight was quick

Even though anticipation dragged it into eternity

Franco arrived 20 minutes before Morena’s plane landed

Morena anxiously pulls her luggage

Searching the crowd for Franco’s smile

But dreading the possibility

that he may not even be there yet.


He watches and waits from behind tinted glass

He sees Morena navigating the tense crowd

Like a star falling in the sky

His hands clasping one another

As if to slow his heartbeats

Morena pauses, adjusting her shoulder bag,

And searches one more time for Franco.


Amir, Franco’s driver, stands curbside

by the Escalade limousine

Holding a “Morena, I’m Here” sign

That catches her frazzled attention

A frozen moment in time

reading the hand-written words

that grant her unspoken wish

Franco is here for her.


Her revving heart flutters

And heavy feet regain momentum

Anticipating an introduction

Morena approaches Amir

He knew exactly who she was

“Good evening Ms. Morena.”

He opened the rear door

Mechanical movements blended

with his proper greeting

Generating an inside-out charge

Where her child-like giggles and smiles

spoke volumes to Franco

Absorbing her through dark glass.


They had yet to touch

But their eyes fused

through the Tiffany blue light

inside the glitzy limo

As soon as Morena slid in.


Instantly passionate embracing


and loving sounds of longing

dissolved into Franco’s playlist.


Franco whispers, “I’ve been waiting forever.”

Morena fingers his strong jawline,

“I’m glad you saved forever for me.”

Franco pushes the button to speak to Amir

“Yes, sir?”

“Amir, take Morena and me to Suite 1124 on the 11th floor.”