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If I…

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If I block her tears

the ones falling because fears

build walls around reality

creating imaginary realness

of everything false,

She would see again.


If I chisel the mask

the one feigning laughter

at anything that giddiness

squeezes loneliness from,

She would feel again.


If I scratch the record

replaying her blues life

spinning sorrow like her own

private web,

She would dance again.

Ding Dong

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leopard mask

Ms. Fire handed me a leopard mask

as I reached for it,

fantasies tickled my fingertips.

I pulled the straps

around my head

under my ponytail

and looked into the mirror,

“Ooohhh weeee, I love it!”

Ms. Fire smiled

then poured dressing in a bowl

next to the appetizer tray.

She slid a celery stalk into her mouth,

leaving a pearly drop of chipotle ranch

on her pink glossy lips.

“You might want to wipe your mouth

before your guests arrive

or they’ll think we’ve started the party

without them.”

Ms. Fire licked her lips

mesmerizing me momentarily

I caught myself staring,

standing motionless,

with my hand gripping

a purple glass, G-Spot massager,

my newest toy in the Shameless collection

Right then, I was tempted

to touch Ms. Fire

with its tip

And then the doorbell chimed,

“Ding dong!”