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Flawless Camouflage

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Behind flawless camouflage


an unarmed soldier



of truth

wearing steel smiles

undetected metal

guarding her heart


black blinders


until truth

gets leaked

between dreams

written in the dark

and words whispered

in the light






Licking Flames

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Piercing moist lips between my teeth

and caressing the silky King duvet

Franco removed my clothes

One piece at a time

Taking full control.


He gradually unleashed intentional dominion

To cage  my composure

Unwrapping licking flames

Tempting and tasting

Organically vulnerable, naked truth

In pearl-sized translucent drops

Between parting lips

That only discourse

Through intercourse

Would consume.





Franco’s warm lips rimmed in frisky whiskers

Kissed a path from my collar bone

To my bare baby soft mound

Marking his territory

Staking his claim

Tongue-teasing my swelling delicacy.



In his heat

Trembling anticipation

Accusing my body

Of what my lust was guilty for

“Please, Franco.”

Mouth betrayed mind


“Mmm-make lovvvvvve to meee.”


Captivated in kisses

Franco carried me to the window sill

Each breath shared

Until the cool of the glass

Blanketed my back

Stealing my own air

And libidinous wanting charged

The magnetic space between us.


Franco’s hands palmed my hips and butt

Introducing his throbbing head

To my clit no longer in hiding

I wanted to push into it

Onto it

Massage it with my wetness

But Franco’s power sedated me

Into a hypnotic blur.


“I’m going to fuck the sweet nectar out of you.

Then give you recovery time while you sleep.

When you awaken

I will make passionate love to you

And fall asleep in your wet residue.”


“Franco, take it the way you want it.”

He covered my mouth with one hand

Pushing my head gently against the window

And lifted my leg up

Until my ankle rested on his shoulder

Wide open and ready,

A pussy-soaking masterpiece

Ready to be painted on the walls

of Suite 1124.


Come Home Early

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213 Honey Brown

How may I serve you?

Today’s special:

“Come Home Early”

I unlocked the front door

Hang your jacket

And free your hands

Unwind your mind.


Bring the chilled glasses

from the freezer

Take the strawberries

and whipped cream

from the refrigerator.


Come to the bathroom

Where relaxation awaits us

Sensual and soothing

Sage and vanilla

Candles dance with

Wind chimes in the distance.


Place our glasses and fruit

on the bathtub tray

Pour us a little Stella Peach

While I perch on smooth porcelain

In my lavender panties and bra

And your favorite silver spiked stilettos

Before I watch you undress.


Remove your clothes

One piece at a time

I appreciate every sexy detail

The clank of your buckle

That rush of your zipper’s descent

The whispering fall of your crisp shirt

And that final sigh

before you pull down your shorts

Releasing caged desires

Come to me baby.


Standing to weaken your naked strength

My feet slip out of each shoe

Sauntering into your personal space

Removing my bra and panties

While I kiss your lips like bait.


Picking me up

My legs straddle your waist

Open arms envelope your neck

You slowly step into the water

Easing us both down gently

into bubbly bliss.




Naked Pain

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How do you wear your pain

Is it masked behind false faces

Covered in plastic

Purchased on borrowed time

that multiplies

before you’re ever healed

Is it disguised behind a facade of hair

where your naps still thrive in strength

Does it mimic joy

where the pain is boxed into a nuclear disaster

perpetrating a family

Do you wear your pain in conversations

so thick with venom

others are left speechless

Is it inside bottles of spirits

Amidst the lyrics of love songs you hate

Sparkling behind diamonds

that once defined love

interwoven into the fabric of your peace

making it impossible for quiet

to ever come

to silence the noise of pain

you are too afraid to acknowledge

How do you wear your pain

is it




uncovered for public dispute

logged in as hours of therapy

prescribed as medications for imbalance

written as a recommendation for others

or working its way back to a hiding place

only to surprise you when you least expect it

on the job

with a friend

inside sacred confines of your love

it leaks

it pours

it shouts

it hurts

It will not be silenced