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February’s Writing Challenge: Day 2 “What I Want Is…”

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What I want is

A backyard with a lap pool


For daily swims and summer luxuries

What I want is


Two chocolate Australian Labradoodles

Who wait for me each morning


Through my garden path, we walk

Up to the clearing on the hill


Where the ocean view welcomes us

Before I sit on my meditation mat


Basking in gratitude and blessings

Giving God all praise and thanks


For sunshine, salty breezes, and lavender

For intentional breathing, and stillness, and joy


What I want is

Peace that surpasses all understanding


That shields and guides my path

Back to my home where love abides


Where journals and books await my hands

Where inspiration flows beside the fountain at my back door


Where I write, read, and live the way I want

Have what I want and when I want it.

When We First Meet

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 cosmic clouds
When we first meet,
the moonlight will dance on ocean waves.
I will wear what you chose for me,
smell how you imagined me,
and feel the joy we dreamed.
Music will flow on the wind
as you take my hand.
We will fly on cloudy wings
that paint the world around us.
When we first meet,
I won’t hesitate to fall into your embrace.
You will pull me in
where I will gladly go.
You will touch me tenderly,
and I will reciprocate
with gentle intensity.
We will look into eyes
that were once just a photograph,
smile upon lips
that were once only symbols in a text,
and kiss the way we envisioned.
The kiss that melts the shield,
that turns wanting into craving,
and puts us both into position
for complete satisfaction.
When we first meet,
there will be a right place,
a right time,
a right experience.
The place will welcome us
and be prepared just for us.
The time will creep,
like snowflakes that first fall,
to give us every second to remember.
The experience will be ours,
to create as we desire.
I will give you control
because you want to please me.
Then, you will allow me to please you
because that is what I want to do.
You will say you are already satisfied
because you have taken care of me,
but I will say
there is more pleasure for both of us
because we have just met.
Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 13