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Wonderings at 3 a.m.

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I wondered why he never asked to come back

Why he didn’t fight to save us

Why he didn’t cry on the phone

Or call me in the middle of the night

Or text me how much he missed me

Why he never sent forgive-me flowers

Why he never apologized for anything, ever

I know.

He believes

he is

the victim and

Victims don’t

come back

to the pain

they make.

Thank God.



Why Write?

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I have not posted in 30 days.

I contemplated new writing challenges,

but nothing compelled me.

Nothing resonated in my soul.

Nothing I read encouraged pen to paper,

fingers to keys.

But today I watched the movie, 5 to 7.

One line amongst many

poignant lines

spoke directly

to my silent writer.

“I don’t write when I’m happy.

Writers write when they have pain.

Writing takes the pain away.”

True. True. True.

I have written my best work

while enduring deep sadness,

long suffering.

Wrote through grief.








I introduce

my pen


and keyboard

to words on pages

not found in clenched fists

or heart cries

or chemotherapy.

But words

birthed from joy.

Why write?

Why not?

Her Haiku Healing: A 40-Day Spiritual and Emotional Journey

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Day 40: Light


Although my journey

is not over, I can see

clearly in the dark

My 40 days of haiku healing have reawakened my muse, helped me express feelings from the depths of my darkest pain, and allowed me to walk in faith towards a light that awaits me at the end of this spiritual and emotional journey. Although my journey is not over, I can see clearly in the dark. I can see that I am worthy, that I matter, and that it is time to begin anew. I’ve always believed the scripture that says weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.  I can hardly wait for that morning. It may not be tomorrow, but it’s coming.

Her Haiku Healing: A 40-Day Spiritual and Emotional Journey, Day 13

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Day 13: Hurt

Conflicts and pain like

noxious unslain dragons live

inside your manhood

Wounded Woman

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peaceful scene

Healing begins

on my naked

spiritual wounds

with a tenuous band-aid

and unwavering faith

that I am whole again.

Knowing even the smallest peel

of the plastic

around the pain

can unleash volcanic

soul eruptions



misdirected blame.

But the woman responds

not the little girl

to claim wholeness



and watch faith

place a permanent seal

over spiritual scars

that sometimes

bleed silently.


Naked Pain

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How do you wear your pain

Is it masked behind false faces

Covered in plastic

Purchased on borrowed time

that multiplies

before you’re ever healed

Is it disguised behind a facade of hair

where your naps still thrive in strength

Does it mimic joy

where the pain is boxed into a nuclear disaster

perpetrating a family

Do you wear your pain in conversations

so thick with venom

others are left speechless

Is it inside bottles of spirits

Amidst the lyrics of love songs you hate

Sparkling behind diamonds

that once defined love

interwoven into the fabric of your peace

making it impossible for quiet

to ever come

to silence the noise of pain

you are too afraid to acknowledge

How do you wear your pain

is it




uncovered for public dispute

logged in as hours of therapy

prescribed as medications for imbalance

written as a recommendation for others

or working its way back to a hiding place

only to surprise you when you least expect it

on the job

with a friend

inside sacred confines of your love

it leaks

it pours

it shouts

it hurts

It will not be silenced

She Will Shine

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Every glance
every smirk
she read
from his face.
Every insult
every chastisement
she bore
into her core.
He knew not the pain he birthed
in the angel child he claimed
he cherished.
She sought his approval
his attention
his unconditional love.
He spat advice
tainted by drunken sermons
while his own damaged child inside
cried behind feigned strength.
He never knew 
how to give
how to live
how to grow
as a man.
But one day 
she will shine
in spite of his shame
and his eyes will close
by force
while his heart opens
by chance
and his soul departs
by design.
Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 3

Writing About a Word for 30 Days and it’s Day 17: PAIN

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Wordle: pain

Pronounced Pain



Your words cut
Like syllabic swords
Conversation closed
Your words burn
Phonemic fuel
Doors slammed
Your words pounce
Clawed curses
Communication cancer
(Dedicated to those who suffer from verbal abusers in their lives)