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Live Write or At Least Die Trying

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About this poem…

I wrote this poem at Jack Grapes’ class yesterday using the Inverted Pyramid approach.  The lines in bold were to follow a certain formula and were to be unrelated, and then they should lead me into the poem that would have purpose and direction.  As you can tell from the bold lines, there is no connection from line to line, but I pull them together through the remaining lines of the poem.  Jack said this was one of my best poems of all that he’s read.  That was an unexpected compliment because it was such a new style and tone for me, and I was feeling a little unsure.  I have to remember, I am a writer and I can write shamelessly.

Spilled milk puddles inside dents in our wooden table

I would pass out from fear, if an owl or bat were near me

I love in colors on canvas like melodies in a song

The envelope’s window shows my name and my stress

Reading unedited writing on Facebook poetry groups

is like nails scratching the chalkboard

My passion is lava fire scorching his skin

Mommie fussed, “Because you need to eat a hot vegetable with dinner!”

Sunset at seven, simply stunning

I have more to offer, but you don’t deserve it

Mommie used to say she had claustrophobia and could not go inside

In my mind men are more responsible

In my mind I can speak truths

In my mind he dreams and seeks

In my mind it doesn’t hurt to say it

In my mind agreement is easy

In my mind I laugh loud and free

In my mind my feelings come first

What matters to me





Memories of Mommie

My life’s delete keys for daily bullshit

I can’t replay spilling milk as a child

But I can remember

I can’t replay asking my mother to cook the salad

Because I hated hot vegetables

But it brings laughter

I can’t smell her Red Door perfume

Unless someone else is wearing it, then tears fall

I can’t open mail with excitement

Unless I know who’s finally wearing the man-pants

Who escapes claustrophobic doubt

Who opens eyes to unchartered possibilities

And steadies his feet for change

I can’t even write an unedited love poem

Not even on Facebook

Until this fear floats away.



Prepositions in Passion

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passionate heat

In my thoughts

On my mind

Within my space

Around my house

Throughout breakfast

Up my legs

Into the heat

Between my lips

Under my skin

Beside my body

Through my clothes

Inside my walls

Against my spot

Beneath the table

Above the couch

During dinner

Over dessert

Among the sweat

Down my thighs

Upon sunrise

In deep passion

Beyond my wildest dreams.

Crush Me into Love

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blue dawn

Discombobulated emotions

Anticipating the smallest things

What will he wear

What will he say

Where will he be

How does he hold his #2 pencil

If we speak, will he see my lips quiver

The gloss sticking

My tongue tricking

Eyes deceiving me

Giving away my desire

Hands fumbling

Betraying my sense of calm

Unable to maintain steady ground

On warm wobbly legs.

I want to be


Rendered weak

Under his finger-tipped touch

His unrestrained kiss

His intentional embrace

Tenderly carrying me into the blue

of his music

Where orange blossoms caress us

And the wind sings silent melodies

Between us.

Is this called a crush?

Crush me under his passion

Asphyxiate me in all that is him

And if this is more than a crush

Then crush me

Into love.




Writing about a Word for 30 Days and it’s Day Two: Passion

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Wordle: Passion