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Her Haiku Healing: A 40-Day Spiritual and Emotional Journey, Day 1

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I wrote and published my first book after the loss of my mother. That was when I found my writing to be my therapy. I embarked on several writing challenges to develop and flex my craft and to reacquaint myself with my muse. Now, my muse is hurting again and I must write to heal. I have to finish this 40-Days of Haiku Healing so I can soar without oil on my wings.

Day 1: Air

Inhale me deeply

Then exhale you forever

And slumber in peace

Short Story in Progress (Rational Fantasies)

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I wiped tears from my warm cheeks. Feeling slightly frustrated over bringing my issues to Franco at a time when we just wanted to be us.
“Morena, tell me what happened last night.”
I hated to say it because that’s when it gains the momentum to run over my rational fantasies. Barging into reality, blurring feigned peace. I kept my back to him, cuddling into his arms like protection.
“Franco. I closed my eyes last night as he attempted to fuck me. It wasn’t what I wanted, but it was what I needed. I changed my mental channel, found your station, and saw you looking into my eyes. Those fiery orange flecks reached out, touched me deep, and made me say, ‘Fuck me harder.’  Franco, that’s when you fucked me and that’s when I finally climaxed.”
Franco wiped the tear that waited on the tip of my nose.
“And every time I close my eyes, Morena, you are there. Every time I hear our song, I dance alone. Every time I pause to think about what’s on my mind, I realize you are all over me.  I can’t get enough of you.”
I turned enough to kiss his cheek. Smiled enough to allow one more tear to fall.
“Franco, I can’t either.” His thickness pushed against my ass and my fire burned again, for him, for it, for us.

Loud Silence

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silence not golden

Your silence yells at me

Abuse to my peace

When I hear your thoughts

Venom erupts through your eyes

I know that being with you

Is like swimming in a sea of flies

Love is…Not a Box of Chocolate

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Love is not

Boxes of chocolate


Pictures of us

In heart-shaped frames

Unaffordable dinners

Designer bags

that hold the junk of life

Love is




when you don’t want to

Love is

not loud like traffic

not sharp like splinters

not rough like fish scales

Love is

soft like whispers

warm like candle flames

peaceful like poetry


Right up Your Warm Blue Alley Cuz Kelly (Happy birthday, Kelly)

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Caramel Queen
basking in blueness
beauties unseen
Peace painted
on an aqua canvas
as she floats
in dancing colors.
Turks and Caicos
turquoise water
her world
from under her back
drifting without gravity
while carnival songs
sing all night long
eyes upward
hope inward.
Tranquility tempts her
in Aruba
Crispy clean water
reveals clarity
yet known from the presence
in shades of blue
Nubian Beauty.
Happy birthday, Cousin Kelly!

(This poem begins the next 30 Day Challenge, “Inspire Me”)