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Pieces of Peace: 14 Words

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Peace List
















Pieces of Peace #13: Position of Power

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Pastor Joel Osteen said, “Peace is our position of power. Make the decision to release those offenses and disappointments so you live in peace and move forward in power.”

In position

I released

hurtful words




I released

the past

my mistakes

my choices

I released





I released

my thoughts

of bondage

or fear

I received peace

and moved forward

in power.




12 Pieces of Peace: No Turtledoves

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12 days of chaos

11 kids coughing

10 piles of papers

9 boys in trances

8 girls on periods

7 late assignments

6 hours of sleep

5 sticky desks

4 parents texting

3 weeks ’til testing

2 poems missing

1 more day alive


Pieces of Peace #11: A Peaceful Struggle

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one child chooses to look at porn

other children snitch

another child coughs up mucus

too close to my face.

one child cheats on his assignment

other children rush carelessly through

another child uses the “b word”

lies to my face.

one child requests me on Instagram

other children follow him

another child’s eyes shine in shock

from the look on my face.

where was my peace today?

porn was not watched on my watch

the mucus never touched my face

the children who rushed, asked to start over

and I never heard the “b word”

but I did hear, “God bless you”

after all 28 snotty, disgusting sneezes.












Pieces of Peace #10: Illusions of Peace

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My student’s didactic poem about peace

stated, “Peace is illusional,

but it always starts with you.”



Peace begins with me

in my mind

I craft a story

designing peace

or destroying it

I see beauty and delicacy in a glass

before deciding if it is half full

or half empty.

Peace begins with me

when clouds shroud the sun

shade and coolness calm me

in the midst of chaos.

Illusions of peace

prevent my full disclosure

from all the webbed fractures

of what is real.


Pieces of Peace #9: Does Peace Align Me with Nature?

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Three quiet miles of walking

Shoreline beckoning





Observing and remembering all that I can

Being present in the moment.

A sassy silver-haired woman posing

While her lover’s Canon snaps memories.

The little boy insistent upon riding his tiny bike into the sand

Shouting, “This is really, really fun!”

While dad whines, “This is not fun

And it could last forever.”

Hovering above

Close enough to hear hums and whirs

Remote control airplanes glide on gentle breezes.

I breathe in, slowly, a sweet saltiness of the sea

And smile at how wonderfully nature and I align.

Although my feet and legs grow weary

An invigorating purposeful journey encourages every step.

One eccentric man smiles and agrees

He values black life also

Affirming my love of who I am.


Nothing blurs this beautiful alignment

More than car horns blaring and two people arguing

Over a parking space.

But that reminds me

Peaceful alignment with nature

And with others

Is a choice

I consciously make.


Pieces of Peace #8: Massa Gave Me the Key to Peace

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Massa unlocked my chains

and set me free

threw the rusty ole key

at me.


What I need dis key fo’

if I is free?

Ain’t lockin’ mysef up

no not me.


Massa said, “Dats yo key

Got S on it

Keep it in yo bag

No matter where you go.”


What I need dis key fo’

if I is free?

Ain’t lockin’ mysef up

no not me.


Made my way to the North

where folks like me

been free.

Showed Sistah Grace my key

and tol’ her

I is free.

Pieces of Peace #7: In My Kids’ World

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Peace showed up today

in a most unexpected way

17 times, “Yes, please.”

About 87 times, “Thank you.”

One time, my troubled child smiled

Another minute later, he giggled inappropriately

I scowled over my glasses, “I must be missing the joke.”

“I’m sorry. I’m laughing because I can see his butt crack!!”

Of course I needed a come-back

“Please pull your pants up so he can pay attention to me and not your butt!”

We all laughed, quietly

because it is not acceptable

to laugh at others

even I almost broke that rule.

Peace showed up today

It’s here everyday

but sometimes it’s stuck between

naughty, obnoxious and rude

in the dictionary.


Pieces of Peace Poetry #6

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Pieces of Peace in Haiku

At my lowest point

Pain, prayer, tears, and power

Pulled me up in peace

Pieces of Peace Poetry #5

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Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.23.10 PM

Pieces of Peace To My Truth

What did I know about truth

at 2

or 22

What did truth sound like

Did it laugh in the dark under blankets

then whisper

Did it wrap itself around your eyes

then cry

What did truth love like

Did it hug away brokenness

then heal

Did it look itself in the mirror

then smile

What did I know about truth

at 32


or 52

What did truth hurt like

Did it smother like fire

then die

Did it speak like scripture

then breathe

Into my life

a peaceful joy?