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An Ode to Legs of Long Ago

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You were always beautiful

Even as newborns with folds and creases and extra layers of fat

I am grateful for the quiet ways you carried me

The way you walked the paths set before me

The way you bent and stretched in my youth

The way you opened like polar ice caps

To sexual pleasures and child birth treasures 

You knew what my future held

The life of a teacher who rarely sat down

A mother who would chase little ones

Who would attempt to roller skate

and ride bikes with teens

Who would bake for hours on tired holiday feet

And who would ignore you late at night

As you cried for a gentle massage

I wish I had cherished you more then

When you were the strength and tautness of my roots

When your canvas of caramel coffee

Had no strange blue and green streaks

When your smooth surface wasn’t lumpy and bumpy like curdled milk 

I miss you

Legs of long ago

But I am learning to love the new you

Learning to listen when you’re hurting

Learning to laugh when you slap each other or stick to each other

From the heat that burns within

Lessons I Learned from Friendships: Prompt 5 “Holes”

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Women friends

Soul sisters

Ever wonder

Who chooses

The path

We cross

Leading us

Various places

Shopping and

Eating and

Walking or

Jogging or

Laughing after

Yoga because

Sometimes we

Can’t bend.

Women friends

Soul sisters

Ever wonder

Why we

Don’t take

Advice and

We defend

Broken men

Who drill

Holes into

Our skin

Ripping apart

Lives that

Never mend.

Women friends

Soul sisters

Ever wonder

If we

Listen with

Our hearts

But the

Holes won’t

Hold truth

So we

Scatter it

Like crumbs.

Women friends

Soul sisters

Keep pouring

Your love

Giving encouragement

Sharing stories

And honoring

Our connectedness

And somewhere

In between

Us it

Becomes love.