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Writing from a Picture: October’s Writing Challenge #1

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Imagining You

At 6:28

You stretched your old wobbly arms

Across autumn’s fiery sky

To find a quiet place

Where your crinkled crackly hands

Could touch both of your daughters’ hearts

You reached past a zillion grains of sand

Above dirty blankets swaddling homeless bones

Over salty hair flying in the evening breeze

On winding paths where bicycles whizzed by

And mothers towed tired children towards home

The sun’s gradual disappearance

Echoed how you silently slipped away

But its warmth and peace

Reminded us that what goes away eventually returns

We faced each other

And there you were

In our eyes

Looking right at us

“I Am” 30-Day Challenge #27

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clouds ans sun

I am tranquil

morning’s first flower

quiet breaths of a sleeping baby

orange and purple streaks across sunsets

Taste of Solace

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Waking up to gray skies
quiet morning music
humming of water running in the distance
rustling of leaves.
Early dawn’s chill
hides between cottony warm sheets.
Arabica beans ground,
aroma teasing my nose,
with reserved energy
I make a delectable treat.
French toast with cinnamon,
a pinch of nutmeg, vanilla,
and a loving dose of brown sugar.
before curling up on the couch
next to techie toys
and TIME,
where nothing resembling urgency
my taste of solace
on a soul-soothing
Saturday morning.

Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 2