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November Writing Challenge Day 2: Unmuted Muse

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Today’s prompt asked me to write about a challenge I had to overcome and to write about it in couplets.


Unmuted Muse

With a new marbled notebook and purple flair pen

I would unmute my muse’s voice again

Surrounded by teachers who love to write

We’d compose together and find our light


I chose to face my deepest fears

Some I’d kept hidden for too many years

Wondering if I could reveal it all

Or if writers’ block would be my wall


I started with Malibu Barbie, that bitch

Who made me believe I could be rich

And blonde and tanned and skinny and pretty

My hair was kinky and I looked shitty


Then cancer found its way on the stage

While tears bled ink on my page

I birthed words that once knotted my noose

Never expecting my spirit would come loose


Until that poem I titled RAPE

Would leave every mouth and heart agape

Cocked to speak and release the shame

I am not my tragedy, shout my name.

Narratives of a Black Woman: Wedlock

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Narratives of a Black Woman: Fathers

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Narratives of a Black Woman: Unprotected

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Narratives of a Black Woman: Rape

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18 years old

Sound asleep

Home invasion

Head covered

Life threatened

Face hit

Neck choked

Pajamas ripped

Body violated

Mouth stuffed

Soul mutilated


Pieces of Peace Poetry #3

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Let me get this straight

We do not want pity

We do not need apologies

We do not care about how you wish you knew

We survived before you reacted

We had nightmares

We suffered post traumatic episodes

We compromised our sanity with instant replays

We held shame

We cried in therapy

And then

We decided to rise

Out of darkness

We decided to believe

In the power of forgiveness

We decided to reveal

Details of rape

Do not define

Who we are

We decided to pray

To set our minds on Spirit

To give us life again

To give us peace again

To live well again.