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Daughter of…

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Daughter of…

By Stacey L. Joy, © May 10, 2020

I am Stacey Lorinn Johnson Joy

I am the daughter of

Gloria Lee McPherson Johnson Cooper

Adored as Mommie

Purest of people

Pristine and popular

Someone everyone admired 

Connoisseur of words and puzzles

Follower of rules and righteousness

Smoker, Bowler, Badminton Champ, Legacy Delta

I am the daughter of

Mrs. Cooper

Neighborhood Mom

P.E. teacher

Career Advisor and Counselor

Respected educator

40 years in education

Who taught me how to be me

I am the daughter of

Patsy Ann McPherson

Culinary Queen Nana


Family matriarch

Sweetest heart of the family

Loved to party and hated to pay bills

Taught me how to cry and dance

How to cook and eat well

I am the daughter of 

Proud independent black women

Working in my village

Auntie Joyce and Aunt Frankie

Sister Pam 

Who loved me before I was born

Cousins who have my back

Who are my chosen sisters and brothers

Who teach me that blood and water

Are both thick enough 

To bind us together

I am the daughter of 

Freedom and survival

Feminism and activism

Educators who write and break the rules

Who don’t back down

Writers who inspire me

Whose stories tell

The power of sharing our words

I am the daughter of 


Who creates all mothers

Who sustains all struggling women

Who heals all hurting nurturers

Who empowers and ignites all the work 

We all do and have ever done.

My Sister’s Song

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me and pammie


I had the dimpled cheeks

But I dreamed of being just like my sister

Who admired me

She who brought me sunshine on smiles

Thick hair haloed her angelic face

If you don’t have a loving relationship

What you have is worthless

We are tighter than shoestring knots

“Stop saying what I was thinking,” she whined

She sees Mommie now, mirrored reflections

I walk her journey on legs that cross generations

“Ohhh, I’m so proud of you,” Mommie beamed


Isn’t it incredible how we both became so much like her

Isn’t it incredible that we know truths she never shared

Isn’t it incredible that she knew we would always have each other

Isn’t it incredible that we now hold memories

In safe places like

Within the wrinkles adorning our hands

In the curl of our smiles

In golden nail polish

And in bubbles bouncing through fluted spirits


Tears may still spring out of nowhere

And  hurt runs deep like an oak tree’s roots

But our mother’s love is deeper

It’s the sound of my sister’s song

I see and hear Mommie in her

I believe I gained two for the loss of one

I’m not afraid anymore

Of the loneliness

That grief brought

Because as soon as I think I may be alone

In darkness

Or sadness

Or in the ache of not hearing her voice

I remember that I have my sister

My root holding me steady

My blossoms coloring my face

My song in the wind

Carrying me always.