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Writing from a Picture: October’s Writing Challenge #1

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Imagining You

At 6:28

You stretched your old wobbly arms

Across autumn’s fiery sky

To find a quiet place

Where your crinkled crackly hands

Could touch both of your daughters’ hearts

You reached past a zillion grains of sand

Above dirty blankets swaddling homeless bones

Over salty hair flying in the evening breeze

On winding paths where bicycles whizzed by

And mothers towed tired children towards home

The sun’s gradual disappearance

Echoed how you silently slipped away

But its warmth and peace

Reminded us that what goes away eventually returns

We faced each other

And there you were

In our eyes

Looking right at us

Wanting You

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I want you here
So we can wake up
And hit the snooze button together
Wrap sheets around us
To hold the warmth we make
After having each other for breakfast.
I want you here
So we can make pancakes and eggs
While maple bacon is frying
And French roast coffee automatically
Drips in cups for us,
While we sit at the table
In disarray from last night’s
Half-eaten pizza
And diluted liquid left
In glasses with lip prints.
I want you here
So we can make love for lunch
Take a 2 p.m. nap
Intertwine our legs
Lock our bodies in the middle of the couch
Until the dinner order arrives.
I want you here
To be my dessert
My organic berries
My sweet potato pie
My vanilla frosting
Chocolate chips
And creamy filling.
I want you here
So we can wake up
To Sunday morning sunrise
Seeing last night in our eyes
Cuddle with mid-day movies on TV
And wrap up again in sheets
That remember our scents
Before awakening on Monday
When we hit the snooze button together again.

Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 17

Haiku Heat #12: Sunset

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Sipping wine at six
carnal pleasures at sunset
dinner, forgotten