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Licking Flames

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Piercing moist lips between my teeth

and caressing the silky King duvet

Franco removed my clothes

One piece at a time

Taking full control.


He gradually unleashed intentional dominion

To cage  my composure

Unwrapping licking flames

Tempting and tasting

Organically vulnerable, naked truth

In pearl-sized translucent drops

Between parting lips

That only discourse

Through intercourse

Would consume.





Franco’s warm lips rimmed in frisky whiskers

Kissed a path from my collar bone

To my bare baby soft mound

Marking his territory

Staking his claim

Tongue-teasing my swelling delicacy.



In his heat

Trembling anticipation

Accusing my body

Of what my lust was guilty for

“Please, Franco.”

Mouth betrayed mind


“Mmm-make lovvvvvve to meee.”


Captivated in kisses

Franco carried me to the window sill

Each breath shared

Until the cool of the glass

Blanketed my back

Stealing my own air

And libidinous wanting charged

The magnetic space between us.


Franco’s hands palmed my hips and butt

Introducing his throbbing head

To my clit no longer in hiding

I wanted to push into it

Onto it

Massage it with my wetness

But Franco’s power sedated me

Into a hypnotic blur.


“I’m going to fuck the sweet nectar out of you.

Then give you recovery time while you sleep.

When you awaken

I will make passionate love to you

And fall asleep in your wet residue.”


“Franco, take it the way you want it.”

He covered my mouth with one hand

Pushing my head gently against the window

And lifted my leg up

Until my ankle rested on his shoulder

Wide open and ready,

A pussy-soaking masterpiece

Ready to be painted on the walls

of Suite 1124.


Taste of Solace

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Waking up to gray skies
quiet morning music
humming of water running in the distance
rustling of leaves.
Early dawn’s chill
hides between cottony warm sheets.
Arabica beans ground,
aroma teasing my nose,
with reserved energy
I make a delectable treat.
French toast with cinnamon,
a pinch of nutmeg, vanilla,
and a loving dose of brown sugar.
before curling up on the couch
next to techie toys
and TIME,
where nothing resembling urgency
my taste of solace
on a soul-soothing
Saturday morning.

Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 2

Haiku Heat #18: Tip Tricks

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Craving my warm tongue
to do tip tricks and side licks
Teasing that clit, shit