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What I Want Is… (Day 6: Object Poem)

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Today’s Prompt: Choose an object to focus on and write a list describing it. Then compose a poem without using any words from that list. My object that I focused on and wrote about was Rain.


What I Want Is…


What I want is

To play in puddles


To kick and splash

Their bootless feet


To call five names

For running ahead of the group


What I want is

An umbrella for the world


To take shelter

Not in place


But in memories of this sacred space

Warm blankets to cover


People who sleep on the streets

With nothing to dry their freezing feet


What I want is

God to cleanse the earth


Wash away sickness

And nourish souls and soil


So sunshine can soothe

And seeds can sprout tall


And proud like my students

Who will lock arms and splash each other again.