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Short Story (in progress)

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This is an excerpt from my first erotic short story.  EnJOY!


I was wet. I checked. Tempted to massage my clit to orgasm, but I feared falling out of my chaise lounge.  Exhibitionist, no. This wickedly horny feeling invaded me, making me crave his touch. The morning had been consumed with back and forth emails and texting.  All it took was that one sentence to light my little flame, deep inside my stomach.

You make me so hard, Ms. Delacroix.

My immediate response did not mirror the blowing bubbles, bouncing and bursting inside of me, nor my giddy girlie smile.

“Mr. Washington, it was my pleasure.”

With eyes closed and sunshine burning my cocoa skin, daydreams and fantasies secured me, but my body’s yearning betrayed me.  Kegels are the best internal exercise a woman can do. All I could do was squeeze and release, and imagine his hard dick and thick sensitive head kissing my tender petals.  He called my pussy a Plumeria.




Wet Poem in My Warm Pocket

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Shriveled in the top drawer
Disintegrating into
Rusty bobbie pins
And face powder
Bits of napkin from our little diner
Reminded me of the rain
That soaked the poem
I hid in my pocket
That morning when we ran
to catch the train
That would take us from here
To there
Where love lived in the air
Where we could breathe in
And roses and lilies
Filled our lungs
Clearing our thoughts
To unveil purity
Eleven lines written
Two stanzas memorized
Because I wanted to surprise you
Hoped to kiss you in rhymes
Hug you with my pregnant pauses
But the train ride was long
And time erased my mind’s menu
Stranded in moments
We lived in
Nothing mattered more than
those seconds
Five hours
Of uninterrupted focus
on the same colors
At the same time
As winter’s rainbow
Painted our view
When we finally arrived
We had made love,
a mad kind of love
Clothes on
Naked souls
Bare spirits
Poem smashed
and warm
in my pocket
Kind of love
I loved you.
Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 8

Haiku Heat #27: Wet Portrait

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Paint me in Haiku
wet poetic portrait
syllabic soul dancing