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Prompt: Before There Were Words

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Eyes wide awake at 3:28 a.m.

The chilling rattle of her snore

Kept him in a quiet disturbance

Medication schedules haunted his sleep

If only she could wake up and talk

And say their life together had been full

He knew but he needed to hear it again


In the morning

She stared from her pillow

With dawn’s light catching tears

In the corner of her eyes

Before there were words

Sputtering out in chopped pieces

That died as he cried.




“I Am” 30-Day Challenge #22

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I am enlightened

by morning sun

by favorite scriptures

by poetry

by words

by love

by God

Tanka #14 Spoken Silence

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my silence is loud

words and wisdom battling

first place on my tongue

syllables spill with each sigh

knowledge dies with each swallow



Her Haiku Healing: A 40-Day Spiritual and Emotional Journey, Day 15

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Day 15: Silence

Choking on sharp words

Ones you need to have heard to

Heimlich my silence