Releasing America

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A Golden Shovel poem from Nelson Mandela’s quote: “I dream of Africa which is in peace with itself.”

My People, Who Fly

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Today’s prompt is to write a poem inspired by a folktale, fable, fairytale. Virginia Hamilton’s folktale, The People Could Fly, inspired this poem.



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My #OneLittleWord for 2023 is RELEASE. Last year, my word was FAITH. Many of my obstacles were defeated through my faith and perseverance. This year, I want to let go more willingly, release, allow what will be to be. I see areas where I aim to control what happens or how things are done, but if it’s not my business to control, I have to release it. When I feel those spirit nudges urging me to let go, I need to let go and watch God work.

A Haiku for My One Little Word

Open hands skyward

Release my mind and body

Receive God’s blessings


What’s Not in my Social Media Algorithm

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Thanks to Kim for the prompt to write about special memories that are unphotographed.

What’s Not in My Social Media Algorithm

No profile pics

No reels

No IG stories


in 1973

when I was 10

or in 1979

for my sweet 16


in 1981

when I graduated

or in 1988

when my baby was born


No profile pics

of great grandma

or walking hand in hand

on Santa Monica’s sand


No reels

of us singing

happy 80th birthday

on June 21, 2014


No IG stories

when we watch

her take one last breath

on December 28, 2010


No profile pics

No reels

No IG stories


Just wishes of what could have been

and memories of what was


©Stacey L. Joy, November 21, 2022

Our Old Kitchen Table

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Today’s prompt was to write about something I’ve been wanting to write about but let my heart be my guide. I’ve longed to return to my mom’s house, our family home, and just sit at the kitchen table. The family that moved in has no idea how much my mom’s house means to my family and even my friends. Maybe one day I will sit at our old kitchen table again.

Sunday Haiku

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Today’s prompt from Margaret S. asked us to write a poem from a picture.

Stand out in the crowd

Let your golden light pop through

Sweet hope for this day



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Today’s prompt came from my teacher/poet friend, Gayle S. We were to enjoy some random word play and see what comes of it. My word is sophrosyne: temperance, self-control, and prudence.


Pink Balloon

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The prompt for June 19th was to go on a Poetry Treasure Hunt. I came across this lone pink balloon and it inspired my poem.